Draw a Cute Easter Bunny in 10 Easy Steps-Part 2

Step 5

Let’s make a nose from a triangle. Find the Polygon Tool in the Tools panel and double-click it to create a 3-sided shape.

Turn your triangle upside down and use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to make the corners slightly rounded by pulling the circle marker of the Live Corners or setting the value manually in the control panel on top. I set the Corners value to 3 px.

Adjust the size of the nose to make it fit the face.

Step 6

Now let’s make an Easter egg! Use the Ellipse Tool (L) again to create a 155 x 180 px oval. Apply the same Stroke settings as we had before but this time set the Fill color to pink.

Move the side anchor points down a bit using the Direct Selection Tool (A) to give the egg its proper shape.

Step 7

Draw a 40 x 50 px grey oval for the paw and place it above the egg, as shown in the image below. Rotate the paw slightly.

Use the Reflect Tool (O) to flip the paw to the other side, creating a copy.

Step 8

Now we’ll add some simple details to our bunny, depicting highlights.

Copy (Control-C) the head and Paste in Front (Control-F). Set the Stroke to None in the Color panel. This way we have only the Fill (I’ve shown the copy in magenta color to make it more clear).

Squash the copy a bit to make it narrower and make its Fill color a bit lighter grey.

Step 9

Add more details to all the elements of the bunny: pink ovals on the cheeks for the blush, lighter ovals on the egg, ears and paws for the highlights and bright-pink spots on the egg to make it look more intricate.

Step 10

Let’s finish up with the composition by adding a simple text in the bottom by using the Type Tool (T). Here I’m using a free Henny Penny font for a playful look.

Congratulations! Our Cute Easter Bunny Card is Finished!

And there we have it! You can continue adding minor details such as leaves or flowers, but try not to overload the card and not to make it look too noisy. I decided to finish up by just adding a plain background of a light-green color, reminding of a fresh spring grass.

I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful and discovered some new tips and tricks for yourself.

Have fun and Happy Easter!

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