She’s also moving into a new dorm apartment next month which means she’ll need just about everything. Since the bank of mom doesn’t have unlimited funds, we try to be practical and budget-friendly when it comes to decorating her space. One of our favorite ways to brighten up her space is to print out coloring pages, color them, and hang them on the wall with washi tape.

To celebrate her fifth and final year in college (she’s pre-med, what can I say?), I decided to surprise her with two things:  1) coloring pages designed by me and 2) a new printer. The HP AMP Printer I bought is beyond amazing. It does the usual (print and scan) but it also plays music through its Bluetooth speakers. Music! As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the printer also allows you to make and take phone calls. 

Even though this HP AMP Printer is for my daughter, I just had to try it out. I mean seriously, this thing plays music! All I had to do was link my phone to the printer (via Bluetooth) and within seconds the printer’s speakers were blaring out my favorite 80’s music. And while I was jamming out to Duran Duran, I received a phone call. Do you know what the printer did? It paused the music so I could answer the call using the printer’s built-in microphone and audio control panel. I felt like a rock star! LOL

To explore the printer’s other features, I downloaded the HP Smart app. The app allows me my daughter to scan documents and images on the go, order ink, and print photos from social media. I see a lot of Snapchat pics in my kid’s future!

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