13 Fun Kids Room Design ideas

Child’s bedroom has a different design with bedrooms adults. To find out what the needs and preferences of children, it’s good for us to ask them. Involve them in designing the bedroom will make them valued as a whole person even though they are still relatively young age. Here are some fun kids room designs that we can make a guide when we are currently struggling to find inspiration.

There are varieties of fun kids room designs that can be found and one of them definitely fits the personality and character of our children.

(1) Theme: zoo – this is one theme that is certainly preferred by children both sons and daughters. The first thing we can do to realize this design is to ask our child what their favorite animals or choose animals pictures that they love. We can apply the wall decals with animal themes or draw it by ourselves using a paint brush. It will be a fun theme for children. In addition to applying paint or wall posters through the media, we can also apply a variety of other decorative elements that support the theme.

(2) Theme: insects – usually, insects chosen to accompany the child’s everyday life in the bedroom is butterflies or ladybugs. The bright colors of the butterflies will add a cheerful room, inject the spirit every day, and can be a place for children to gain knowledge about a wide variety of butterflies and other insects. We can apply the wall paint color on the wall to paint a colorful butterfly with ease. Use a variety of color application to add a festive room.

Fun kids room design that we can apply next is

(3) Theme: sailing – this is the right theme we impose on a child’s bedroom when the kids liked the variety of activities related to water. We can paint the walls with bright colors such as blue and its derivatives to obtain images of waves and water. Add to the wall picture of boats and various marine life that will add to the festive atmosphere.

(4) Themes: football – this is a theme that will work well if our child is a football lover. We can draw a soccer goalkeeper on the wall and for the field we can apply the floor with green tiles with a white border just as the form of a football field. Add some other decorations apps to add character to the room.

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