20 Modern Living Room Design to Welcome You Home

Here we have some pictures of modern living room design that surely amaze you with their sophisticated look. Let’s start the collection with a living room which presents a delicate look. This living room is designed in a slightly transitional interior design incorporating a modern design with the touch of vintage style. Here we can find a black modern sofa with some decorative throwing pillows on it. A fireplace in a classical design also embellishes this room with its dark color that is contrasted with the white and dark coral color scheme of its wall.

A more attractive living room is exhibited in the next picture that presents some geometric pattern on its design. The modern living room interior design is adorned with geometric patterned carpet that covers the living room floor in the whole room. This room is also furnished with some colorful sofas. Here we can find a sofa with dark brown color, a decorative patterned sofa, and also two sofas with pinkish color. They surround a light green coffee table that has a flower arrangement on top of it.

Another living room shows us what a glass wall can do to its interior design. A bright living room design is created since it is inundated in natural light that is transmitted through the glass wall. The light wooden flooring of the room makes it gets an elegant look. A white sectional sofa will let you enjoy the panorama outside the house with the coziness of elegant interior design of this living room.

White color scheme is brimming in another illustration of living room. This living room depicts a modern style living area with its modern white sofa. The sofa is accompanied by an upholstered chair beside it. In front of them, there is a round coffee table that has a glazed countertop. Some white curtains also enhance the white tone of the room. The modern living room interior design ideas incorporated in this room also features some wall decorations to makes the room gets a lively look.

Wednesday, May 1st 2019. | Living Room