A Few Ways to Accent One Wall in the Room

Creating an accent wall within a house would make certain room becomes so fabulous. There are a lot of accents that you can try to make a room becomes interesting and captivating. By preserving a different color within the wall, you already have created an accent wall. However, to make it interesting, you need some other things.

This blue accent wall could be a good model for an accent wall design. Surrounded by a white wall paint, this blue wall looks so calming. Moreover, there is also whiter fireplace mantel that looks so endearing. The contrast color of the blue accent wall with the white scheme on it makes the design becomes so outstanding.

There is another way to make a good looking accent wall. By creating a painting on the wall, you can make a mesmerizing accent wall. The paint accent wall in this space would be a great alternative. The pine forest paint in the wall could make really entertaining space in the wall. It also provide a beautiful picture for the room itself.

On the other hand, there is still the other way to create an accent wall. Instead of having a different color, you can put some wooden panels as an accent wall. This wooden accent wall looks awesome in the middle of the white scheme. Those wooden panels create a special looking accent wall in this dining room design.

There are a lot of ways that you can try to create an accent wall. The important idea in designing an accent wall is to create a beautiful looking space that different from any other. One space in the indoor wall should have a different color. It could be a different paint or material for the wall design. Thus, the accent wall design would be complete.

Wednesday, March 13th 2019. | Home Design