Advantages of American Kitchens

The open kitchens are more and more protagonists in the decorations of modern kitchens. The reasons for this popularity are diverse, and that is what we will try to see in the following article, showing the different advantages of this type of kitchens.

The way of life has changed a lot in the last two decades and the role of cooking in the house has changed dramatically, gaining greater prominence. And this new spirit that has entered the kitchen world perfectly expresses the philosophy of American kitchens, which makes it open to the rest of the house giving it all the prominence it deserves.

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The open nature of this type of kitchen makes the kitchen a part of the living room and vice versa, turning the kitchen into a more meeting place to talk, eat or enjoy a coffee. Also the person who cooks does not feel alone in this work, because although the rest of the family is not in the kitchen they continue sharing the same space.

With these open kitchens every member of the family can do their things without losing touch with the rest of the people. The fact of preparing dinner is no longer an isolated thing. Be able to converse with your loved ones and see what makes it even more entertaining.

These kitchens are widely used in houses of reduced dimensions because by eliminating the visual barriers that make up the walls, the house gains in amplitude and in illumination. This benefits both the kitchen and the living room. Doing everyday tasks like putting washing machines or cooking become more enjoyable because the space we have is much higher.

At the decorative level the separation of the kitchen space and the salon can be a positive aspect if we raise it well. There are people who use a differentiating color for the kitchen space, using a stronger tone than the rest of the room. The leisurely color of the room compensates for the strength of the kitchen, but the effect is fabulous.

Another option to delimit both spaces is the classic American bar. This in addition to giving a modern touch to the house, will give you extra space to work in the kitchen and to eat, which is always good if you are few at home. With some stools, the space will be fantastic.

Another advantage of American kitchens is that they have more natural light than standard. The natural light is ideal to illuminate any stay because it increases the feeling of amplitude. These with the kitchen and lounge windows receive more light and require less artificial aid to illuminate.

And finally we will talk about the versatility of styles that open kitchens offer us. It is true that these appeared mainly in the last two decades and that they are usually associated with the modern style or even of loft type, but the American kitchens have room in other styles like the classic, the rustic, the colonial or even the minimalist.

As we can see, the role of American kitchens in recent years is not just a matter of fashion. The many advantages of open kitchens have made them earn in their own right that gap they currently occupy.

Sunday, May 19th 2019. | Kitchen
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