Apartment in Neutral Color and Rich Texture Opening Sophisticated Dimension

Living in an apartment has been already a plush for some people, than have you ever imagined to live in a luxurious apartment design? Don’t only dream about it, and you have to make it come true with some apartment designs in neutral color and rich texture pictures that will open you sophisticated dimension to stay at. Here you go guys!

Let’s start from the living room design first! The opening would be great with a spacious apartment living room, which looks dreary in gray wallpaper with vertical stripe pattern. In addition, to share all the gorgeous view outside, it is designed with open plan covered with lace-curtain idea. Sectional sofa in various tone takes place right in the center of the room with black throw pillows that give texture on the seating. With unique wall lighting, it turns into such comfortable place with zen atmosphere. Another living room appears in elegant style of creamy tone with borderless dining space aside. Wooden wall accent is meant to give fresh natural view in the room while the floor to ceiling glass window takes you enjoying the outdoor scene lavishly.

Then, how do you adorn the hallway? Placing a large framed woman face painting on the floor leaning on the wall is such a seductive way to distract attention. Bamboo wallpaper combined to bamboo partition gives awesome perfect look to the interior with another glass partition tufted pouf in sweet brown color. Aside of the hallway, super large painting or picture leaned on the wall is also suitable for bedroom even living room. It steals the eyes with urban style without doing much effort. Adding refreshing feature in the room is not hard, as you have potted plants in some corner. Then, wall combination of brick and vinyl will give awesome texture that you must try at home!

Thursday, April 18th 2019. | Apartment