Great Art Nouveau Style for Wonderful Home Decor

How many eras that have been passed up to now? Definitely, it is uncountable if we see it from the first time the earth form. Classic, vintage, traditional, mid-century, and modern are some eras, which we know. Obvious, each time contributes an artwork where we still enjoy it now. One of them is the art nouveau and art décor. Those artworks influence the outlook of the home interior. Art nouveau style refers to the nature and spiral shape. By the way, we choose this type as the topic today. You will see the astounding furniture designs right away. Okay, stay with me!

Alright, we start from this exquisite antique entry room décor. It presents the nouveau fireplace decoration. The unique brown mantel has two tier shelves in round shape with grey metal fences. As though, it draws a cave on the big trunk and the mantel shelves are decorated like park. Further, the decoration is completed with massive vertical wall mirror and tree branch shaped sconces. Well, don’t leave the room first because we still continue with some information. The mirror is flanked with brown wood frame with floral pattern. Obvious, around the fireplace is the eccentric console table and the area rug with the same style.

Applying Art Nouveau Style as the Highest Appreciation of the Nature Role

Next, we show the extraordinary nouveau bench. This seating is made from brown wooden frame with varnish. Afterward, the green velvet pad combines it for the comfy sitting. Now,pay attention to this item well because it brings current beauty. The armrest and the legs have simple engraving style. Nevertheless, the backrest tells the contrary sense. It represents a nice next for the bird on the tree branch with little bit leafs. Then, there is angle on top who keep the settle from any disorder. By this theme, the bench looks wonderful and also impressive.

The third, I bring the captivating armless chair with gloss. Such as you know, this sleek wooden furniture is beautified with big pin tuck pattern backrest. Certainly, this part makes you attractive to take it. Hereinafter, we have the quirky art nouveau wall cabinet. The concept design is breathtaking with mirrored cabinet doors. Obvious, it is accompanied by sleight armchair with the same style. Lastly, the art style adorns the eccentric neutral bathroom. Art nouveau doorways flank the fabulous vanity sets. It is visualized with arch dark brown wooden wall panel with stained glass insert. The fact, it not only leads you to the main area but also the narrow storage space underneath. In conclusion is art nouveau style truly gives the natural comeliness for the home décor.

Wednesday, March 20th 2019. | Home Decor