Astonishing Contemporary House Interior Design with Unique Accent

Designed by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architects, this Single Family House in Zürich, Switzerland definitely becomes a great reference for you in designing a contemporary house for your family.

What makes this house unique is the way this house exposes the raw and concrete details, which appears like an unfinished building. Yet, the unique details for both interior and exterior design successfully add accent and texture that gets along with the modern and minimalist design.

Single Family House design in Switzerland

Stepping inside this two-leveled unique contemporary house, you will find the combination of both wooden surface and cement accent along with the transparent glass details that result in the bright and airy nuance for each room.

And since the minimalist design often requires you to add less décor, the textures seen on the wooden surface and cement accent complement the need of accent within each minimalist room. The unfinished look itself is tricked with the sleek appearance that will keep the interior in style.

Stepping in the airy living room, you can see the use of dark brown color as to contrast the bright and airy nuance within this space. You can see the choice of comfortable modern sofa, drawers, lounge chairs, and the ultra stylish Noguchi table in the dark brown tone. Oh, and do not forget about the eccentric splash on the rug, that exposes the same earthy nuance.

Yet, you can also see the hint of white tone within this space as seen on the floor lamp’s lampshade and accent on the rug. Located on the upper level, you can enjoy the eye-pleasing outdoor view by sitting on the lounge chairs placed by the windows. Yet, on the cemented wall, you can see a modern fireplace is installed as to provide the warmth for this room, which makes this space more comfortable.

Moving to the bedroom, the light tone on the wooden interior allows you to add your favorite colors. You can see the unique contemporary house interior for this girl’s bedroom that exposes the bright color splash as to cherish the room: bright red with beautiful print for the bedding, pop of orange burst and soft pink to accent the storage space, and beautiful deep purple as the décor on the floor. You will love to see the unique design for the rug as well, or the creative handmade décor in bright and lovely colors.

Saturday, May 11th 2019. | Home Design