Create An Exciting Attic Bedroom Design

An attic is a space between the ceiling of the top floor and angled roof. This place is identical with dark, spooky atmosphere, dusty and has difficult angle. That image makes this room to store some unused belongings. Other people use the attic as the playground for their children. Why you not use your attic into a bedroom? It could make a very comfortable bedroom.

Home Edit: An Attic Bedroom

An attic has a special charm and warmth, away from the crowds and the difficulties of angles make this place more special in the room decor. Interested? How do you turn it into a beautiful room? Here we will give some information to create an attic bedroom.

•Remove anything you have stored in there. Make that room empty like a new room.

•How you access your attic? Many home only set a folding stair. It is not necessary to access your attic bedroom with that. You must find permanent stair. It is not easy to building codes and the construction can be costly. You may need approximately 60 square feet of main-level floor for a proper staircase.

Make sure you install the attic floor with a layer of hardwood to help the room to be able to support the load. Do not think that when you use the attic as storage area inanimate objects enough to support all new furniture, including you and your family while in the room.

Put a new paint or wallpaper in your attic bedroom interior. Try to put bright color like green, white, or yellow to make the room more live and for pattern wallpaper, try to use same color for window.

Skylights are the most common type of window in an attic room. This type of window fit with blinds or curtains a little tricky and simple treatment. You can decorate your window with opt a simple fabric, like drapery panels, choose similar color with your wall color, and If you want to use patterned fabric, choose monochromatic color to make suitable. Remember, not to use contrast and bold color, it will make the attic look smaller. Other option is dormer window. A larger dormer window makes a perfect alcove for sitting area and small dormer window can be used to put a desk area or window seat.

Since the attic is a small room, you must choose the right furniture for this room. It is going to be hard to change anything after that. You may put a cozy bedroom and what you need to make the space comfortable, like a nightstand. And, if you want to put carpet on the floor, go on. Remember to mix and match with other situation in your attic bedroom.

The type of window affects the lighting in a small space. If your attic bedroom uses a small window, try to brighten it with a flush-mounted ceiling light or small chandelier, or install the recessed can lighting.

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