38 Lighting ideas in the Bathroom: Choose a Functional and Stylish Option

So many style to color your bathroom with fashion, but I think any fashion will always deal with lighting. Therefore, I can tell you that lighting must be the core of every interior including bathroom. To opt the nuance, isn’t it wonderful if you choose both functional and stylish lighting option? I guess so. Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look on some gorgeous best bathroom lighting below!

Working with chandelier seems to be a classic style, but you can take to it to match your rustic bathroom idea. This belonging is also awesome to flash a luxurious bathroom with dominant marble material added. Shaped in tube model, this gorgeous lighting glows the room more than it looks. Another lighting style leads you to enjoy the simpler mode with recessed ceiling lamp. The small size lets you own wider tone of the white ceiling, and I thankful to the glass window that is helpful to share the natural light inside. The next design is also a good exhibition working with glass window and its couple, natural light. It applies some skylight to brighten the room in maximum way, and several ceiling lamps take place to color the flat look of the upper design like stars.

Chasing the mood of twilight, obscure lighting idea may become the best accent to glow your bathroom with minimal glimmery. Not ceiling lamp like the previous one, it goes lower to the wall with golden light that makes incredible intimacy to the whole room. further, applying suspended ceiling idea gives unique plush for the inhabitants because they can use modern ceiling lighting that will glow the room in the most sophisticated way. Meanwhile, for a vintage bathroom idea, I think pendant lamps can be the most perfect lighting ever due to its simple and ethnic look! Awesome!

Friday, February 1st 2019. | Bathroom
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