57 Bathroom Loft design ideas : Open Limited Access

Have you ever thought to have loft bathroom design? You must think that loft is such narrow, shabby area with its limited access that prevents some people to spend the space. However, there are some ideas of bathroom loft project that will transform your way of thinking about a loft. It opens limited access space into such comfortable spot to relax. Here you check the designs!

White paint is the best wall decoration to make the loft bit brighter, and minimal glass window is adequate to steal natural light flowing inside. Frameless shower door is good to limit the border of the small room, so the access inside is widely open. It is even worth to apply red brick accent to the wall as it gives playful nuance and texture as well. In contrast, the next idea must be suitable for those who love gothic style. the dark combination of blue and black honey comb shaped tiles on the wall share nothing but kind of gloomy nuance to the room. In addition, the wooden accent added is also the one with dark tone that makes the atmosphere getting shabbier. However, the yellow tub pops the outlook with its stylish vibrant tone. Awesome!

Monochrome decoration in the loft bathroom is best to create wider outlook to the design. In this chance, white brick pattern is chosen with strong black line for accent. With the same tone white from floor to ceiling, it makes you feeling special to have tanned skin! You are also recommended to have retro bathroom in the loft. Tosca green wall decoration with quirky Japanese pattern is truly adorable to deliver Asian style in the bathroom. Adding industrial furniture like metal vanity on the concrete flooring is best for real retro! Meanwhile, for playful loft bathroom, blue door with white surrounding is a good focal point, and the diamond shaped tile is another plush you must add!

Monday, February 11th 2019. | Bathroom