5 Best Bathroom Wall Remodeling Options

If you want to do some improvement or remodeling to your bathroom, there are a lot of options available, range from installing the wall paper, change the bathroom tiles, re-painting the wall or ceiling, and etc. If budget is not an issue, you can freely choose the best and expensive material. But if you prefer to choose the cheapest options, you’d better find a lot of information from many online design sites. When you pick a bathroom wall type, there are two factors that you need to consider: moisture and size. Bathrooms are typically very cramped and even very well vented bathrooms might have a moisture problem.

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Several options for remodeling your bathroom wall are as follow:

Rule of thumb for wallpaper: Larger the pattern, visually will reduce your bathroom size. Whereas a horizontal pattern tends to make the bathroom widen, and vertical patterns will create the bathroom looks taller.

Regarding the moisture issue, there is a special wallpaper product that suitable for bathroom with high moisture – that is a vinyl coated thicker wallpaper that designed especially for bathroom wall.

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Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile will have a less problem with moisture. But the primary consideration while choosing the ceramic tile is the design issue related with grout. Since grout lines will create patterns that either enhance or reduce the bathroom’s look. In showers or baths, the other thing to consider is not to install the tile from floor to ceiling since it is resemble a public restroom!

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Bead Board
Bead board, just like tile, only provides partial wall covering. But the different is, bead board could be painted using semi or full gloss, which will protect the wall lower parts thoroughly from moisture. On the market there are bead boards with size four feet wide and eight feet long. Bead board will make a traditional look to your bathroom.

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Tile Board
Tile board appearance is almost the same with ceramic tile. It comes in size of eight by four foot panels, so we can install in a few minutes the size of 32 ft2 tile board panel. It looks really real if you choose the very good grades tile board. As well as repelling the moisture since the surface is a coated. Tile board is cheap and easy to install and is maybe best utilized in a guest bathroom.

Paint is a very popular option in most bathrooms; however, it is better to not use a flat surface paint. Since it tends to mark easily and very difficult to keep it clean. The best choices for paints are eggshell or satin. Keeping a small quantity of moisture at bay will work just fine, thus you may consider priming the bathroom walls with a primer paint which is mildew resistant.

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