Bathroom with washing machine

It must be great idea to design bathroom with washing machine inside your home. Having no space for laundry room is not a problem anymore since you can place the washing machine inside the bathroom. You only need to choose one small available space inside the bathroom to place washing machine in bathroom. Surely, this problem is different each other. Everyone has different bathroom size and layout. But in the common, people place the washing machine under the vanity and side by side the shower.

For people use medium size of vanity, they must have space under the vanity. In there they can place the washing machine. Meanwhile, space available after the washing machine is placed can be used to put in drying machine or cabinet. In another case, people have small bathroom. They can apply small bathroom with washing machine to accommodate their need. In this case, the space besides shower room in the corner can be maximized.

It means you should arrange it vertical. This idea is surely effective for people had small bathroom because it only takes 2 meters length of the bathroom. Arranging washing machine vertically is appropriate for small room because it is efficient. Even you can put in two machines over that space plus a cabinet above. It can be used to store all you need to wash your clothes and all bathroom accessories.

Another thing should be noticed by you is about the color fixing. Sometime, additional furniture inside the small room will give maximum effect for that room. In this case, even washing machine can make your bathroom looks bad if you don’t consider about decorative aspect. To deal with small room, it is better for you to use bright color like white. White bathroom interior paired with white washing machine will make small bathroom with washing machine ideas looks incredible.

Sunday, April 14th 2019. | Bathroom