95 Beautiful Stairs Design to second floor with creative ideas

The most appropriate stair design is with art Nouveau style. This French art is well-known in 1890 until 1910. Even though, it reborn again. Usually, it brings nature and flower themes. Build country home design as the latest trend again. A lot of people move back to this style, recently. Obvious, there are many cases existed from this design. Yeah, one of them is the antique sense of each decoration. Connect one country floor to the next needs staircase.

Special for staircase design, Nouveau keep takes it. Besides that, it is visualized in flat colors and spiral shaped. Sculptural helical staircase is unusual. The shape is more modern and large. By the way, it connects the ground floor to the top directly. So, the floor between separates the outlook. Here, it mixes the rough stone wall and concrete floor. On the yellow stucco wall, this wooden track gets sconce. Outstanding spiral staircase by Nouveau art applies two borders.

Black metal banister attaches on white wall along with the light. Further, railing metal balustrade suspends the beam stair treads. Metal sculptural spiral staircase spans the small dining area. The star has white base and dark wood tread. Extravagant nouveau staircase uses white stucco treads. It attaches on the hardwood wall. Further, this stair is enhanced with glass banister with metal frame. Exotic wooden helical stair uses horizontal railing metal balustrade. It adorns the light brown wooden material.

Stylish country house has black spiral staircase. Black mixes with brown. It is surrounded by high vertical railing wall. Then, it spans the loft public area with sitting spot and entertainment center. Afterward, the stair mixes the led ceiling light and chandelier. Eccentric art nouveau staircase brings the dense of Paris. Artistic stairwell has it to accompany the industrial staircase. Explore your outstanding country houses with nouveau staircase design!

Staircase to the Second Floor Design Options in a Private Home

Today’s post will serve you creative ideas for decorating your under stair areas. Do you want to maximize the potential of your home? People often neglect some parts in their home such as the under stair area. Whereas, under stair can be decorated to add the visual appeal of your home. Check out our photo collection of amazing under stair decorating ideas.
This minimalist interior is so energetic in white scheme. Also, massive glass windows make the interior look bright and airy. In the corner of the living room, we will find a metal staircase design. This modern black staircase offers sturdy metal structure and elegant black finishing. Under this cool stairway, the small area is decorated with an indoor garden. Natural stone, bamboo trees, and sand make a cool under stair decoration.

Let’s move to a small modern house below. The owner found a good idea to make use of the under stair space. Under the white wooden stairway, you will see a small workstation. This under stair office uses a white writing desk with l shape design. Above the office table, two black floating shelves serve storage for files and books. In addition, the under stair office is also furnished with a unique classic swivel chair with slat back.

Let’s continue to the next photo. This is a unique home design with white brick wall and black maple floor. In the corner, a unique chair stands beside a large glass window. This room shows a splendid black and white staircase. Under the stair, the owner built some storage units. They come in different functions. The presence of under stair storage makes you easier to organize your interior and remove the clutter.From the featured under stair decorating ideas we mentioned above, which one do you thing is the best for your home?

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