Complete Guides to Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas – fabulous exterior always enhances the whole house design and function. Designing exterior space is just as important as designing home interior. If the interior has layout designed functionally and aesthetically, then the outdoor should be so. The most comfortable place to build wonderful relaxing oasis at your home is the backyard. So, here are the complete guidelines to inspire you arranging a beautiful backyard landscape.

Backyard Structures

Awesome Backyard Structures for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasThe basic features you employ as the significant elements improve the backyard appearance. Artistic patios, alluring pergolas or beautiful bridges ensure the backyard is more than just an ordinary outdoor sitting space. Each of them has function and also contributes to the beauty of the backyard landscape.


When you have outdoor party or event at day, your guests will be protected comfortably from direct sunlight under the gazebo. Gazebo is backyard element that can be created through DIY project or purchased by gazebo kits. Wood is the popular materials for constructing garden gazebo. However, for some style like Tuscan or Tudor gazebo styles, stone or concrete are the main materials. You can see 78 Beautiful Wooden gazebo Design Ideas for Garden as inspiration.


Simple Wooden Fences for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasBordering the backyard area is quite necessary. Besides giving more privacy during your outdoor relaxing time, fence also improves the backyard look. Fence materials should be carefully chosen. Wooden fence usually needs higher maintenance, but it makes the backyard looks more elegant. Although the aesthetic factor is also important, setting fence must have priority in protecting the backyard from unwanted things and maintaining safety.


Amazing White Pergolas for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasThis is the element providing striking accent among the backyard features. It is also the garden element that can be flexibly decorated. Climbing vines usually make it looks fresher. Casual seating like bench makes it looks cozy for outdoor lounge. Pergola roof is also flexible to be set as open and closed canopy.


Best Patio with Relaxed Atmosphere for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasEnjoying outdoor views is not complete if it isn’t done under a pretty patio. Think of sketching the patio placement to make sure you get the right spot to beautiful view around your house. Setting patio is crucial if the residence is surrounded by beautiful nature such as beach or mountain. It’s better if the patio has access to main pathways.

Patio Fireplaces

Luxury Patio Fireplace for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasStill talking about the outdoor lounge, a cozy patio is perfect with outdoor fireplace. Patio fireplaces come with many designs which you can choose to improve the aesthetic appearance. Your patio will be comfortable fireside retreat especially for summer and spring seasons. If you want warmer sensation, use brick or stone as the fireplace materials. The natural colors blend well with the outdoor environment. You can see 22 Bio Fireplace ideas for Apartments: Outbreak in Modern Home as inspiration.


Wonderful Decks for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas with DecksLet’s think of how the outdoor flooring should be. Of course, it’s about backyard deck designs. The deck should be just beyond function. Make it more artistic by designing it in exceptional ways, such as enlarge the deck size or adding water to the deck plan. Who doesn’t like the fountain sound?


Excellent Sheds for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas with ShedsMost of us perhaps think that backyard shed is just for additional storage. But actually, there is another function, such as for secluded working space. The shed can be whimsical like a beautiful cottage.  Decorating it with greenery makes it’s like small fairytale house.

Garden bridges

Perfect Garden Bridges with Beautiful Flowers for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasBridge makes the landscape looks stunning. Surprisingly, the garden size is open to this delightful garden feature, even if it’s small. Simple wooden bridge fits well with urban garden in small size. Open patio suits with the small bridge for space saving purpose.

Privacy Screens

Traditional Wooden Privacy Screens for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasThere are many forms of privacy screens for outdoor spaces. Greenery or plants, fences, artworks, and canopies are some common forms. The main function is to create boundaries between the lounges to the open area. It’s interesting to do DIY privacy screen since they are more affordable and easy.

Backyard Garden Ideas

Spectacular Architecture Backyard Garden Ideas with Lots of Flowers for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasFollowing the beautiful landscapes completed with alluring elements such as patios, bridges, and personalized privacy screens, we need to think about how the garden will be filled. Let’s take the out of the boxes ideas which can beautify the garden with exceptional appearance.

Flower Boxes

Cheap Flower Boxes for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasThey are the easiest planter you can make. They are also the most flexible large planters you can choose what they are made of. Prepare wood, bolts, and paint. Then you are ready to create your DIY garden planters objects. If you make them from concrete, it’s even freer to shape. Wooden planter boxes are for wooden deck. Meanwhile, concrete planters are suitable for larger garden.

Terraced Gardens

Lovely Architecture Terraced Gardens for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasThis is the garden landscaping technique that makes the garden fuller. Terraced garden is not only for the lovelier look, but it is important to plants more flowers or greenery. The good point is you can set larger verandah, patio, or terrace in this garden style. Stone is popular for this terraced garden design, but in a contemporary garden with smaller space, wood is also acceptable.

Flower Planters

Ergonomic Flower Planters for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasFrom the smallest to the huge one, flower planter is a must for being in a garden. It’s made from many materials types and the shapes are wonderfully varied. However, you still have an option to make it yourself. A big garden will fit with ornate urn planter that looks very elegant and fits for a traditional garden. Container planters are better for a smaller backyard garden. The good thing is you can improve your creativity in your garden projects by the DIY planters making. Try to improvise by making concrete planters with challenging shapes.

Container Gardens

Creative Container Gardens for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasComing with container ideas, you are going to make awesome garden just like the traditional ones. A charming garden shouldn’t be large and decorated with classic sculptures. Simple container arrangement can work for it, too. Terra-cotta planters are ready for a Tuscan styled garden. Modern garden tends to use more practical planters ideas such as making more columns rather than separated planters with various sizes.

Flower Beds

Perfect Flower Beds Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasOf course, brightening the garden with colorful flowers is a must. Never forget the ideas of creating flower beds for beautiful blooms during spring and summer. There are flowers and plants for garden flower beds that just need low maintenance. For busy homeowners, they might want sedum or salvia to plant. They still look graceful for a more delightful garden.

Vegetable Gardens

Brilliant Vegetable Gardens for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasAnother idea to organize your garden more functionally is planting more vegetables than flowers. The backyard garden is great for this purpose. Vegetables can give more food supply and save your food budget. Make the high-yield garden by doing useful tips such as building up the soil, making the beds around, creating the space smartly, and think about stretching the season. These tips will lead you to have a productive vegetable garden with successful results.

Shrub Gardens

Cheerful Shrub Gardens for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasIf your garden alternative is shrub garden, consider getting the right plants. Petite shrubs are the prettiest. Boxwood shrub should be your choice. It is easy to trim and great for any type of patio. Heather is so delicate with its compactness and looks lovely with its white tips. For bolder colors, blue beard gives beautiful vivid lavender nuance. This will make the garden has warmer look.

Small Gardens Ideas

Wonderful Small Gardens Ideas for Luxurious Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Small gardens should not be the reason for not having charming outdoor sanctuary. An urban oasis can only have 500 sq foot. Building simple patio in sleek lines is the solution. Organize the landscape by dividing it into several parts to grow plants, to relax, and to build the pathway. If the colors are your concern, set the garden in Bohemian outdoor theme. It will look chic and lively.

Large GardensPerfect Large Garden with Flowers and Fish Ponds for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Having outdoor space in large scale is an asset for creating the amazing outdoor oasis. The landscape is more flexible to have more features such as artificial waterfall or fountain. It’s good to set outdoor dining area for big family event. Let the lawn green. A swimming pool in aesthetic style can be there, too. Imagine you have at home vacation during summer in this charming large garden.

Garden with Plants

Anything the garden landscape is, plants are always the most essential things. But how would you choose your plants? Colorful plants make the garden more attractive. Try Astible Hybrids for feathery floral look. Amethyst Flower is great combination with Astible hybrids for making pink and blue colors. Begonia will give big and bright color in your garden. These flowers are great to be combined to one another and if you want shade garden, you can add Chocolate Drop or Lemon Twist. There are always varied plants to cheer your garden up.

Rock (Alpine) GardenSpectacular Rock (Alpine) Garden with Flowers of Various Colors for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

This garden rock type is for displaying small plants. It’s great because the natural features and shapes. If the plants are not really colorful, these rocks can balance the garden view. The rocks have low maintenance but have beautiful features.

Japanese Garden IdeasEpic Japanese Garden Ideas with Fish Pond and Small Waterfall for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Styling the garden with oriental look is unique and amazing. This is more than garden design, but also includes the philosophy. Japanese garden is identical with Zen layout. For sure you will have extravagant garden look with relaxing nuance. It is famous with the soothing and serene atmosphere.

Garden Lighting IdeasExcellent Garden Lighting Ideas with Various Flowers and a Relaxing Space for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

The feature forming a garden nuance is the garden lighting. Lighting is important especially during summer where you can decorate the garden more. There are lots of DIY outdoor lighting projects you can try. Line lanterns stretching from one space to another is popular as DIY lighting. But if purchasing is your choice, you can look up the recent or updated energy saving lantern which now comes in pretty styles. You can see 38 Lighting ideas in the Bathroom: Choose a Functional and Stylish OptionStylish Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Daily Use, or Natural Lighting Ideas for Healthy Life as inspiration.

Backyard Water Features IdeasSimple Backyard Water Features Ideas for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

The garden will be more refreshing if it has garden water feature. A whimsical fountain enhances the garden atmosphere with elegant and classy appearance. A swimming pool enriches the garden landscape with serenity view. More ideas are available to fresh the garden up.

Swimming PoolsExclusive Swimming Pools on a Wide Field for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Among today’s swimming pool designs, there are choices offer to fresh your garden layout. Available in many designs, swimming pools now are more than for swimming purpose in summer, but it is also great accessories for the sign of tranquility. Usually modern backyard has sleek pool deck with cozy lounge on it. You can see 43 Swimming Pool ideas in a Country House20 Swimming Pools ideas in Small Gardens, or 20 Swimming Pool ideas with Deck for inspiration.

Water ParksCreative Water Parks People on Vacation for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Constructing water park will make your garden really looks like an oasis. It usually suits for family who has children. Creating portable swimming pool and some water features will make them have fun during summer in their own backyard.

PondsNice Small Ponds In a Garden Surrounded By Rock for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Reflecting tranquility and serenity is the main purpose why ponds are essential for backyard garden. The pond size should not be big, small pond with rocks around it is all right for small garden. Fish pond is popular if you don’t have big backyard space. You can plant several types of plants around the ponds to beautify the surrounding. Small fountain is great for water feature accompanying the pond.

WaterfallsAwesome High Waterfalls Split Bridge to Cross It for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

If you want to hear the serene nature sound of water drop, you can make mini waterfall in the garden. Create more alluring waterfall designs by making it multi-waterfall layout. If you set the waterfall on the fish ponds, it will bring the benefit for providing more oxygen to the fish.

Backyard Landscaping IdeasTrend Backyard Landscaping Ideas Recommendation As a Good Place to Relax

Whether you want your backyard becomes chic garden or luxurious oasis, you need the right and proper backyard landscape ideas for them. It’s impossible to create charming backyard space without careful plans. Pay attention to significant features such as the pathways, hedges, or the retaining walls.

Retaining WallsBrilliant Retaining Walls for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Retaining walls in the garden are mostly set for decorative purpose, although it has important function to form the landscape design. Use natural stones if you want more rustic wall. However, wooden retaining walls are good for long durability. Ensure the wood is well installed to prevents the plants root grows on the wooden boards. You can see 39 Moldings for Walls ideas: the Original Room Décor as inspiration.

HedgesSimple Hedges for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Here’s the garden boundary that shows the real natural taste. Hedges will support your natural themed oasis with its fresh green color. Besides giving privacy, hedges also have function as garden dividers. The refreshing color can be an eye-catching garden element, too.

WalkwaysPerfect Walkways in a Beautiful Garden with Various Flowers for Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Most garden walkways are made from natural stones. It’s good because the material fit with the lawn is the rustic textured stones. Brick or gravel is the other material with great rusticity. Meanwhile, ultra-modern garden usually use concrete as the pathways.

Backyard Kids Activity IdeasErgonomic Backyard Kids Activity Ideas with Low Cost for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Providing the kids a great playground at home will surely excite them. Now you can offer them interesting activity during summer and they can bring their friends, too. It’s perfect for you to spend the bright sunny day while the adults relaxing on the lounge or swimming, while the kids play freely with their friends. Your garden has function to the max.

Sports CourtsGreat Sport Court Inspiration for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Children are very active. Therefore the activity must be challenging. Make the Zip line or you can call it mini flying fox. We bet your children will not mind to spend the whole day there. Let the children having fun by moving their body a lot.

TrampolinesWonderful Trampolines for Children to Play and Exercise for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Having more fun without hesitate, trampoline should be the choice. Bouncing ups and downs in a beautiful bright and nice day is the activity that every child waiting for. Browse the great trampoline price to get the great deal. And set it in the middle of the garden for your beloved kids.

PlaygroundsAwesome Outdoor Adventure Playgrounds for Kids and Friend for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Having playgrounds for young children in your garden is an asset. See the bright side, you maybe not have to spend the budget to take the children to recreation area. When they have their summer holiday, all they should do is just going to the backyard and play.

Tree HousesInspirational Tree Houses Small Room But Amazing for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

A tree house shouldn’t be for boy only. If you have daughter, make a tree house with different style where she can play there, too. Besides, this tree house is always the most favorite place for older children to have their time. They can read, talk with friends, or even study there.

SwingsCheerful Swings in Garden for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

It’s the easiest to make. Swing can be from wood or just tires. You can get your unused old tires and recycle them. Hang it on the tree with strong chains. Just ensure the swings is safe and secure before the children play on it.

Backyard Relaxation ideasBest Plan Backyard Relaxation ideas with Small Waterfalls and Rocks for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Who doesn’t want to have a place to escape from busy daily routines? Your small backyard is always able to be used as the urban getaway. A relaxing outdoor oasis isn’t always expensive to plan. You can also remodel the backyard with these ideas.

Backyard Furniture

Modern Backyard Furniture for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design IdeasThe factor determines how a backyard is a cozy place is by setting the outdoor furniture. Select the right furniture for the outdoor areas. For exterior, you need to choose furniture that has longer durability. Keep the shapes trendy and don’t forget to put accessories on them.

Outdoor KitchensSimple Luxury Outdoor Kitchen for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Outdoor kitchen is the most welcome idea especially during summer. You’ll have your barbecue party in exciting way if you have outdoor kitchen. Create the kitchen in innovative ways. For those who love eating, you’ll know what to put in this kitchen including what food supply should be there.

Fire PitsOutdoor Gas DIY Fire Pit for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

During fall, you need to create warmer garden. Fire pits must be in the middle of your garden. Concrete isn’t the only materials to make this pit. Benches and rustic stones are popular, too. Put comfortable benches or chairs around and feel the sensation of warm fall garden.

HammocksLovely Hammocks for Travelling and Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

Do you like to read? If you do, of course you will not miss the time reading your favorite book outdoor. Then it’s time to set hammocks. Imagine you feel the nice day while reading your favorite lines. It must be like the nicest day ever.

BenchesOutdoor Wooden Benches with Table in Garden for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

It sounds classic, but placing benches in the garden cannot be left. Wooden benches are the most familiar ones, but steel benches are preferred for sleeker outdoor furniture. Many styles are made by the designers. They can be set in the middle of the lawn or under your patio. They are sometimes for swimming pool lounge, too.

SaunasMarvelous Saunas for Beautifully Landscape Backyard Design Ideas

This is the luxurious one. The ultimate relaxing garden space will perfectly complete if it has outdoor saunas. This soothes the minds and rejuvenates the body. It’s good you can clean yourself in the most qualified way and done at home. How many of you especially women who want to have sauna after your long day? For sure, it’s almost every woman. Then this garden outdoor sauna should be on your bucket list.

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