Best Beautiful Modern Beach Houses in the World

There is always new way to explore luxury in this world, and there is always spot where you can get it effortless. Beach house is the only spot where you can live in lavish style with wonderful view surrounding. However, you still have to mirror to some best beach houses in the world with its beautiful and modern outlook. Here you enjoy the show, check it out!

A European beach house must be a favorite as it appears with stunning front porch with its quirky stone big poles. Heading the ocean blue right on the black rattan sofa with white bolster is the best moment where you can share with friends and enjoy a glass of wine there. The living room is nice in open plan style with glass partition added on a white modern table. With potted plants in the corner of the room, even beach house have to treat the interior with greenery. The exterior look of this house is quite unique with floating wooden deck and staircase with railing. Again, it is the modern lighting shows the interior off to the outside.

Meanwhile, in the backyard patio, it is the one that will help you ot have exotic tan skin tone with spacious open space to have sunbathe. Choosing the one with umbrella patio or the one, which straightly face the sun, is up to you, but the thing is that the ocean is just before your eyes! Bringing Zen interior style into the house is useful to let you escape from some problem that stresses you. In this case, evening hue tone is the best choice to confront the bright and hot blue ocean and sky. With unique curved wooden wall to ceiling storage, the house completes the design with such artistic and sophisticated feature. In addition, completing the house with pool is a trend that you can try!

Thursday, March 7th 2019. | Home Design