Black Forest House Hovering in the Middle of the Forest

Do you love challenge? Have you ever chased any challenge? Your life is truly challenging if you have a challenging dwelling to live. Here, I introduce you to a house, which offers thick forest as the neighborhood, and it stands alone in the middle of the forest with unpredicted predator coming anytime. Yeah, this is forest house that hovers in the middle of the giant trees cluster. Do you want to take a look? Prepare yourself!

Believe it or not, but this house hovers beneath giant curving tree branch which is already covered by fungus. Anyway, it becomes natural garden for the house, and the unique look is a plush for the inhabitants. Nested beneath green natural canopy of the forest, this house is designed in open plan style with black frame. At glance, it looks comfortable with modern furniture added into the interior. Even the bathroom is also open plan featured modern floating white sinks, so every bathe time is always fresh with wondrous greenery seen through the floor to ceiling glass wall. Further, the front porch patio is the best spot to hang out enjoying the real forest. It is fresh with rustic wooden flooring style, and the two white curve pool chairs seem to be the most comfortable bed to lay on during the day!

To achieve a total forest house, aside of the neutral white painted wall, there are some sidewalls covered in flash green tone. Some black wooden deck boards are also added to get contrast nuance in the interior. White low to earth coffee table completes a modern acrylic chair added facing the borderless space between indoor and outdoor. The bedroom offered in the room is another space that is enjoyable and comfortable at once. Wallpaper, open plan, and deer patterned pillow are the icon stuff of this forest house design!

Tuesday, April 2nd 2019. | Home Design