Amazing Black and White Scheme in Apartment Design

Black and white palette within an apartment design would be a good choice that you need. This apartment, which is located in Shanghai, has a black and white interior design that looks so awesome. The combination of this two colors could create a beautiful living space which also comfortable. Even though it seems colorless, but this apartment looks great and lavish. The domination of black and white palette with some other colors as accent create a beautiful imagery within this apartment space.

Black and White Interior inside the Apartment

There is an open space design that contains of living room and dining room. The simple living room design with a white palette on the wall seems to be a nice choice for this apartment. The black sofa on it would make the black and white scheme within this space. There is also white round coffee table that made of wood. This small table would be a good completion in this space. The black modern wall lamps on it would be a good choice for this space as well.

Next to it, there is a simple dining room design that looks so cozy. The long wooden table in this space would provide a great space for inhabitants. Some tabletop decorations on it would make it looks beautiful. The black chairs in this space would also be a good choice that you need for a dining room. The white wall paint with some decorations on the wall would make this space looks spacious and cozy.

On the other hand, there is also beautiful bathroom that looks so awesome in a black and white. The white backsplash tile in this space seems to be a good choice that you need for a bathroom design. Then, there is also a black marble countertop within a washbasin that would make this bathroom looks more endearing. It also has a black tile flooring which would make the black and white domination in this space becomes bolder.

A black and white interior design seems to be a good choice that you need for a cozy modern design. Surely, there are a lot of colors that you can still add within this design. However, you need to make sure that the black and white colors are the one that dominate the space. Even though it seems too chromatic, but it could make a nice lavish space. This apartment is a good model for a lavish black and white apartment.

Tuesday, May 7th 2019. | Apartment