Charming Brown Living Room Color Schemes

Brown color is one of the neutral colors in categorize. Has the impression of a stable, peaceful, and warm so this color was chosen to be applied in the living room. Apply brown color on all elements of the living room.

To appear in harmony and create an impression of comfortable and appealing, you should apply a brown color blend derived from shades of light brown and dark brown color. Brown living room still looks attractive.

Cool, so the first sight impression when guests visit. The living room became the identity of a house. The element of brown color add warmth. Early entry, brown color display dominates. Sofa, pillows, carpets, curtains up colored clay. With an area of 3×4 meter is ideal to form the living room. Single sofa cross in the middle of the room adjacents to the main door. On each side of the sofa there are desk lamps to decorate. With a silver cup, the lights functioned to beautify the space. Sofa also comes with brown-colored pillows.

Looking Beautiful with Brown Color Living Room

For the walls you can use a light brown color so that the living room looks bright and remains soft. Insert white on the ceiling to create a dynamic feel of the living room did not seem severe. White color accents can give a touch of freshness that can add to the cozy atmosphere.

Just dealing with a sofa, there is a long table decorated with flowers in the middle. Into its own color accents. Black round table to place the dish when guests arrive. Its position is not exactly in the middle of the room, but a little further inside. The goal is not to interfere with road access, but still beautiful. Just behind the sofa, curtain-type vertical openings. If exposed, the curtain will be rolled up neatly. It’s right back to the light. The curtain is closing a window overlooking the garden. Rumble is very warm brown color. Space so that appropriate greeter relatives. You can also creation your brown color living room.

Wednesday, February 27th 2019. | Living Room