Amazing Cave House with Exposed Natural Stone and Concrete Wall Interior

Have you ever seen a cave house style before? It may sounds crazy, but a well-designed cave house design is not as bad as you think. Today, our team has compiled several pictures of a unique cave house style. The house promotes alluring natural qualities and unusual furnishings. So, without further to do, let us take you to visit this amazing cave house design with natural stone and concrete wall interior.

The Blend of Natural Qualities in a Unique Cave House

The house was built in an open land that is far from town. It allows the house to have quiet nuance and amazing views. From the façade, the blend of natural stone exterior wall and glass façade windows is very interesting. It is also enhanced with the amazing exterior lighting design as well. Furthermore, the unique roof design makes this house even cooler. The exterior also offers us a front patio with wooden lazy chairs pointing to the front.

Let step inside to see how the interior was set up. The living room of this cave house presents amazing concrete wall which is combined with natural wood panels. On the ceiling, the wood beams are constructed and arranged very well to form a great traditional ceiling design. Along the ceiling, the ceiling lights bring the decoration to life. In the center of the room, this cave house provides a large dining set with a long reclaimed wood table. Around the table, the well-designed folding dining chairs made from wood will surely make the dining set comfortable.

The natural style can also be experienced in the bathroom. This cave house has a pretty large bathroom with concrete wall and rough wood ceiling construction. Furthermore, the wooden room divider splits the toilet and the stone bathtub. In the corner, a stone bathroom sink is set just next to a large glass window.What a rejuvenating bathroom this cave house had.

Meanwhile, the family room offers cozy situation as well. It has a low ceiling with also wood beams structure. In addition, the furniture selection is well-picked. It combines a large curved sofa with shabby white upholstery. In the center, the tree stump table enhances the natural outlook of the furnishings. In the corner, this room is featured with a traditional stone fireplace decorated with rustic items. The natural attributes of this cave house will promise serene living and calm atmosphere for the dwellers. Moreover, such stunning interior fills the space that makes it has cozy atmosphere.

Sunday, February 17th 2019. | Home Design