Attractive Ceiling Decoration for Unique and Lovable Interior Look

What makes an interior looks dazzling from the top to toe? Of course, every single piece of it will affect what is so called the total appearance, but lots of people often ignore the design of the ceiling. Are you the one that not giving best treatment to the ceiling? Make up your mind from now and on! Ceiling is as important as the floor itself. You can barely imagine how it will work if you have only a plain ceiling design above your head. It is boring right? Therefore, nothing you can do but to get along with it with some sophisticated decoration ideas!

Pattern and Texture on the Ceiling – Wallpaper

To deal with ceiling decoration, you can choose whether to apply both texture or pattern. Both are stunning to make your house shining with charm, but since every person has different taste and style, you can pick one of them.

Here, if you prefer to pattern than texture, wallpaper can be a nice choice to go with. There are lots of favorable wallpaper ideas that will be so chic to color your ceiling. Soft blue bubble pattern on the ceiling will make your house felt so cool just like ocean. You know it pretty well how blue is so successful to create peaceful nuance in every interior, and I guess it will work perfectly even to make over your upper design!

After patterning the ceiling with wallpaper what do you think to play along with texture? Yeah, texture is so fascinating to give double enchantment into the room. For instance, you can bring some rustic wooden beams to color the neutral white ceiling. It is a simple decoration, but the result is really ready to stun you with all the awesome outlook.

Further, the combination of pattern and texture is also heartbreaking. It is suitable for you with high taste of artistic stuff. There is no way to deny the outcome of the cowhide style ceiling which is carved to make irregular shape with mirror. So, in a special angle in the room, you can enjoy the optimal reflection of the black bar framed window up above the ceiling. Isn’t it stunning for you to install a luxurious glowing chandelier?

Then, bringing the sense of industrial feeling, you can try to arrange some rustic wooden board on your sloping ceiling idea. It gives so much appeal since the dazzling copper tone fills up the room with adorable outlook!

Monday, May 13th 2019. | Interior