Charming Apartment In Gothernburg With Unusual Zone

Apartment is one of the most chosen solution for today’s housing problem. Of course it still needs more decoration. Gothenburg apartment design can help you to make over your apartment room.

In narrow living room design, you can place your living room together with your kitchen. To make it simple, choose the mini bar design for your kitchen and it will be like in the real apartment. How about the color? The mix between white, black, and grey color is beautiful way to complete your narrow-living room apartment design and it will bring the modern nuances inside. Carpet application in your floor also could be another way to beautify your living room. Sure it is so unique-charming apartment.

Mixing each other into the one room is one of apartment style. To make it better, you can set it in every corner of your apartment room and it is so nice to set it in floor-zoning design. Just use the different rug color application to strengthen your room separation. In the middle, let is to be the family room and give it the medium floor lamp design.

If you like simple-Gothenburg apartment design, simple-modern furniture for your simple-apartment room design can be your solution. Setting grey, white, and black color for your apartment room concept also makes your living room design looks nicer and so modern. Wooden finishing in your floor is also beautiful way for your simple-apartment living room concept. Here, carpet application is still important thing in making the modern nuance in your living room. Choose its motif that represents your simple and modern soul. In the last, I am sure the people will say that your apartment has smart room zoning without changing anything.

In the last, let’s see over your own apartment and think what the best design is. The apartment zoning concept will help you in solving the space problem.

Sunday, April 7th 2019. | Apartment