10 Ideas for Creating Colorful Wall Design : Watercolor Decor in the Interior

Here you can learn 10 ideas for creating colorful wall design that you must know! In this 2015, we like to come back to the past with various styles like bohemian and retro. Further, those styles push us to be more creative and to deviate from such regular interior decoration. If it used to be flat and plain in painting interior wall, now it is getting more free for you to apply the paint. You can brush it in tidy style, but you can make such disorder painting model on the wall.

For the first idea, I would like to suggest you to be like an artist! Right on the white wall as the canvas, you can brush some different paint colors like purple, blue, green and even yellow. Do you need to make it well organize? No, the thing you have to do is making it messy but artistic! With this watercolor decoration, your retro bedroom dream comes true! In contrast, if you don’t like previous idea, what about applying great gradation on your bedroom wall with watercolor? It must be a cool idea, and you can choose soft color like pink, yellow and soft green. To make them blended perfectly, it is better to not apply the color boldly. Making it soft is not only helpful to ease you, but it determines the final result which is lovable!

In addition, an abstract painting on the white wall aside your dining space is another awesome idea. Nobody will know the meaning of the painting beside you as the artist. Great color combination of yellow, blue, purple and green are mixed into such wonderful art! Further, to add natural effect to the design, pouring random watercolor to the wall will make such accidental look to the wall. Then, stained wall decoration would be the best one to showcase easy, random and artistic wall design. Without lot of effort, this stunning art appears only in a touch. Awesome!

Thursday, February 7th 2019. | Interior
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