Combined Kitchen with Living Room Design Ideas

If you are one of those interested in decorating issues you have probably heard of or already know about the so-called American Kitchens. Little by little these have become tendencies in our country and therefore it is increasingly frequent that we reach the home of a friend or family and we into with one. How to decorate an open kitchen with living room together?

Kitchen integrated with the home

In essence, these kitchens are nothing more than the integration of that space of the House into another equally important: the living room. They start from the idea of combined kitchen living room design ideas, which, contrary to what you might think of starting if you didn’t know about them, is a great idea. Why?

Because it allows to integrate in one only the two spaces in which most of the interactions of a family are developed, making the coexistence much more lively and fluent. As they tell us from, “This combination, well worked, is very eye-catching from the aesthetic and practical point, especially in the homes with little physical space, more frequent than before.”

In view of the undeniable utility of combined kitchen living room design ideas, you may be motivated to do so at home. If so, the advice that we give you next will allow you to do it in the right way.

Joint decoration but with distinctive points

If you decide to combine the two spaces, you must see them then as a set and not as a two in one, or a dual environment. This is also the image to be projected from an aesthetic point of view.

How to do it? For without unique or exact formulas, but rather guiding by common sense. For example, if it was a narrow and long room, it would be best to have the living room at one end and the kitchen in another.

As for the distinctions in the whole, to differentiate the two environments without destroying the unit, can be done on the floor, by means of rugs or other materials. In the same way, excellent results are obtained at the top level if rods are used.

Readjusts the room

In an American kitchen the rules for the decoration of the salon are not exactly the usual ones, as we can see here. Remember that it is part of a unitary assembly and therefore it must be taxed to the coherence of that whole. Thus, if the space destined for the activities of the room was not very wide, the sofa must stop occupying a large percentage of it, besides that it must always be back to the kitchen.

It would be preferable a small one and maybe even two armchairs work better.

The Color

The color is important to keep the unit in a kitchen-lounge. It is not about painting everything identical or all the furniture has the same tone, but at least there must be a color that one or link the two environments, propitiating sensations of continuity and visual harmony.

This is also accomplished with furniture, home appliances and kitchen accessories, although caring not to fall into visual redundancies.

An essential element

An indispensable element, not directly related to the decoration, although it can be taxed to it, is the smoke extractor for kitchen. Without it the smells and aromas of the kitchen would invade the room at all times, attacking the normal development of some activities.

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