Combined Wallpaper for Hall : as Original Issue Room

Do you know what kind of decoration popular in this very day? It is wall art, yeah wall art is kind of new style of coloring interior. However, it finally steals people attention in short time, and like fungus it has spread through all the worlds. One model that is very popular is wallpaper, and a brand new style to apply wallpaper also appears. Below, you take some combined wallpaper for hall that breaks the original interior issue!

To let your elegant purple room far from boredom, isn’t it great if you add another wallpaper pattern onto the wall? Yeah, stripe patterned white wallpaper is a good combination to fit the purple one. It displays contrast awe that sweetens the total look. Of course, the stripe pattern must be in purple too. Are you ready to take this style? Further, if you need additional idea, there is a good idea of combining floral patterned wallpaper with golden accent and yellow wall palette. I think yellow and golden are two different colors that match for each other. With seductive woman pattern on the palette, who will hate this kind of tempting appeal? No one.

Then, what do you think to apply navy blue wallpaper inside your bedroom? It is a nice idea that will cover the white tone dominating the room elegantly. Contrasted with a set of mounted white wall picture, this navy blue wallpaper proves how special the tone is! Again, yellow appears with its favorite style to invade cream room design. It exhibits smooth look along with the peach seating added beneath the cream wall. Flashed with open plan, this lovable tone opts the room into its top level! Further, let’s touch the most adorable design in Scandinavian style. Of course it is the combination of black and white wallpaper, but you cannot underestimate these neutral tone as they always successful to insert every interior with the color of goddess!

Saturday, April 6th 2019. | Interior