Elegant and Comfortable Interior of the House in the Vladimir Region

So you need some fresh updates about interior design trends? Well, for this post, you are very lucky since we are going to display some elegant interior designs. This time, we discuss about this marvelous house in Vladimir region. The house interior design promises elegant and comfortable situation that will inspire you any day. Take a closer look and find out more about this stylish house in our pictures below.

Elegance in Every Room Interior

The opening image below shows the stunning living room area. It has a high ceiling style with gorgeous wood log structure. The timber wood walls make the living room warm but still look classy. The furniture inside this luxury interior involves a gray l shaped sofa, a lovely blue wingback chair, and an artistic coffee table with glass top and gold frame. The decorative objects such as artificial fruits and vases are placed in strategic spots to bring the decoration to life.

Let us check out the bedroom in the second floor. It is a loft bedroom with small space but elegant display. The textured wood wall brings back the traditional charm. The vaulted ceiling also offers brilliant wood elements. In the center, the owner placed a gorgeous cushioned queen bed with upholstered headboard and padded sheet. In front of the bed, the area is set for a small bedroom office using a brown built in table and a unique office chair. Furthermore, the presence of track lights on the ceiling makes this elegant bedroom so dramatic at night.

The gleaming dining room is even more elegant. As the center of the attention, the owner placed a magnificent dining table with artistic gold feet and glossy glass top. Combined with it are some beige leather dining chairs with modern lines and smooth surface. Above the dining set you see crystalline pendant lights in gold that are just harmonious with the table. Not far from the dining table is the modern kitchenette. This small kitchen offers us sleek cabinetry with practical storage and great lighting. The cabinet also promotes solid honed granite countertop with elegant black tone.

Moving on to the next room, we are shown a simple but classy bathroom. The wooden wall style gives warmth to the interior. Furthermore, there is a walk in shower with natural stone tiles and a frosted glass door. In another part of the bathroom, you can relax on a fancy drop in bathtub illuminated with blue led lights.

Thursday, May 2nd 2019. | Interior