20 Concrete Houses Plans ideas

Nowadays, there are two types of the house plan as the latest trend. Firstly, wooden house plan for nature friendly sense and for people with low budget. Then, there is concrete house plan in which it is aimed for rich man. In this article, I choose concrete style house because it brings shabby chic until spectacular outlook. Surely, this living style is more durable and sturdy. Well, check out the fantastic design of my picture collection today!

Earlier, I display modern concrete house plan with white interior lighting. This big retreat stands in square shape with open public area plan. Further, it links to the red deck patio and the outdoor swimming pool. The original grey of the concrete wall gives balance outlook for the nature view around. Further, the interior wall part is painted with white. Okay, continue to the second house plan that is luxurious. It has extensive white concrete deck floating over the green lawn.

Obvious, it flanks the tree which grows between. In the other hand, it props the small outdoor swimming pool. Further, white concrete looms flat as the stylish roof. Then, it mixes the wooden exterior wall partition and frameless glass door. Hereinafter, there is modular concrete house behind the green hill. It has narrow entrance with glass door and small porch. Seemly, it demonstrates the fantastic second floor wall from glass. Afterward, this grey retreat adds wooden exterior door under the black fence rooftop decoration.
Furthermore, I show unique concrete house plan which remind you above kid TV program. I think those houses resemble like “Teletubbies house”. Even though, the concept is simpler and it uses white paint color. Further, it is decorated with round black frame window. Indeed, it doesn’t like house such as the common design. Yet, there is unique experience will you feel inside. Overall, those concrete house plans are magnificent.

Tuesday, April 23rd 2019. | Home Design