Admirable Contemporary Apartment with Eccentric and Classic Arts

Be ready to change your habit! You will get new view every day from this superb contemporary apartment. Overall, it has great interior décor with glamour sense. Yet, it still shows the natural style from the exposed brick wall.

Okay, we will see it later after you pass this hallway and some interior décor first. By the way, this living has two hallways which long and short distance. The short connects you from outside to inside. Here, you start to see the brick stone wall with bookcase décor. Besides that, the wooden wall and the front door are completed with LED lighting.

What do you think about the next glamour futuristic hallway? It has great architecture which is showed by the ceiling design and the curved brown wooden walls. Further, it is added by the inspirational bulb chandelier.

It is designed from unfinished wood and bulb that looks beautiful such as the recessed lamp. In the other hand, this entry way is decorated with glassed wall and trendy displays. Great torchiere shaped coat hook stands afore on the rug. Exactly, it is under the chandelier along with the big round grey puff. After this, I ask you to the social area with eccentric big chandelier from sleek black stone.

Blending Classic and Industrial for Extravagant Interior Style

As usual, the social area consists of the living until dining nook. Certainly, you are going to meet the living room on the elegant dark brown faux wood tile floor. This space demonstrates the likeable curved wall unit and the astounding ceiling décor. Such as you know, the ceiling is filled with dew shaped lamp and pink chandelier. Aside the living area is certainly dining space. It is opposite to the industrial kitchen and the fireplace wine rack.

Here, you never eat with bad nuance. You have exciting outdoor view that can be enjoyed on the outstanding l shaped window bench.
Meanwhile, the kitchen shows striking focal point. The brick stone wall and the dark brown pantry are shocked with lime yellow kitchen island.

It becomes the noticeable item aside the chalkboard wall décor. Hereinafter, I show you the classic private master bedroom. This dark interior color scheme with sophisticated lighting adds navy blue rug. Afterward, it demonstrates the master bath behind the brown molding wood panel.

The space is great with remarkable floor plan and the appliance. In addition, this apartment still has another with more admirable. The conclusion this dwell is magnificent because of the classic and eccentric intervention.

Friday, April 19th 2019. | Apartment