Enchanting Contemporary Garden Styles

Modern living space will be more beautiful with the contemporary garden as the house element. The garden does not only give the beautiful landscape but it can also be the refreshing elements to keep the air clean and health. It can also be the great rejuvenating place to enjoy the nature beauty through the plants growing in it.

The London designers, MyLandscapes, designed some modern garden with stylish landscapes and layouts. If you are looking for garden inspirations, you better check these out.

beautiful contemporary roof top terraces and gardens

Contemporary garden design is different from traditional garden. The garden designs presented here is the roof garden designs. Due to the limited space availability, these gardens are designed in the practical concept. The savvy design is applied in most of these modern garden designs. The garden with wooden deck looks great and shows the true contemporary design. The plants can grow in the planters that are well-organized in certain garden places.

The cozy mood can be presented by this garden applying sleek concrete design. The concrete tile is used as the garden flooring. Terracotta planters are the option to grow the green plants. The mounted wood can also be the bench to sit and relax. Pebbles flooring is applied in the lower part of the garden flooring. The ultramodern garden can be designed in clean and sleek model. Rocks can be the natural elements placed as the garden decoration. The organic elements will beautify this garden with its natural look and colors.

The garden located in the top floor will look great with the planters applied along the sleek balustrade. The planters can be designed in simple way with the grass-like plants inside it. The modern sculpture can be placed in the corner of this contemporary balcony garden. Contemporary garden landscape can consist of various styles, starts from the minimalist one until the spacious one.

Wednesday, February 27th 2019. | Garden