Contemporary Bahrain House with the Great Atmosphere Inside

Nowadays, Middle East is already experiencing the fast development, especially in the house design, Bahrain House becomes one of the greatest projects. This residence is located in Hamala, Bahrain. Although located in Middle East area, Bahrain House has left the ‘Arabian’ architecture in the house design. The architect, MORIQ, put in luxury details such as a gym, home theater, indoor and outdoor pool. The unique twin slopes structure becomes identical that recognizable from far view. For more detail information you should read this short article.

I have some pictures which I got from my visit months ago. The unusual shape from outside at the same time brings in the design to inside. The interior landscape is integrated with miscellaneous changing levels of the interior. It designing on split level so the distance of every space is not too far from each other. Most of the interior designs are used the modern furniture except some wooden accent on ceiling and wall. If you entered this house from the outside deck, you will pass a small indoor garden with natural stone pathway. In the living room, glass roof and glass wall make natural sun lighting in the afternoon come into the inside of Bahrain House by MORIQ.

Beautiful Indoor and Outdoor Bahrain House Pool

This residence has special advantage in its pool. The pool decorates the house indoor and outdoor. It may be the weather in Bahrain is hot. The indoor and outdoor pools have same underwater tile design. The outdoor pool has round hot tub beside the primer pool. In there, stands many strong steel pillar carry the floating room above it. In the other hand, indoor pool has long and narrow shape beside the living space. Right above it there is wooden ceiling with lamps. In the right and left side of this pool stand great pillars made by natural stone.

This residence surely is not a classic house. The architecture is mostly modern and contains the luxurious furniture inside. Middle East is always offers an amazing religious sense in everywhere. If you want a modern house with luxurious details, you can see Bahrain House of Photography before you decide to stay in there.

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Wednesday, May 22nd 2019. | Home Design