Cool garden under stairs design ideas

Garden can be placed anywhere within a dwelling. What if garden under stairs? , But still must pay attention to aesthetics and layout of residential layout itself seem to be indiscriminate in its settings and instead of beautifying even make the house look a mess.

Type of garden very much. There are outdoor and indoor gardens, there are also wet and dry garden, but there are also vertical and horizontal gardens. Live how you will choose to make it happen in your home. well here we will try to make the garden under stairs.

If you have a certain two-storey residential dwelling has a staircase. Sometimes the area under the stairs more often used as a toilet, warehouse or closed cabinets specially designed to cover the space under the stairs. Though this area is very appropriate if made a pretty little garden to decorate it.

One great alternative to help greening, air refreshers and make homes more beautiful and fresh is to utilize the area under stairs as a garden, especially if the house has a very limited area. Usually the toilet or storeroom under stairs in residential design is just as an additional course that this area could be utilized. But if it was made a garden under stairs , the benefits will be more particularly to health. This park could serve as a hindrance the polluted air, either fumes or pollutants from other substances in the house.

Garden as a garden under the stairs can be indoor or outdoor garden. Position of households are living in the home or outside the building. Hesitation to make the garden under stairs is often experienced by most people. Most of them fear the future when the building will be moist and a lot of moss on the walls of the surrounding wall. In addition the area under the stairs narrow and congested, and often times less sunlight reached the area under the stairs.

This is what makes the area became damp and affect plant growth itself. Actually, the above problems can be solved with simple tricks. Indoor plants can be a series of landscape (garden in the room) or a potted plant (pot plant) that can be placed around the room under the stairs even though in area . Garden planted with ornamental plants under the stairs with limited sun exposure, can be filtered or treated with artificial light (LED lights).

But to choose a garden under the ladder should be seen also the conditions and habits of the owner occupancy itself. Just as how the shape of the room, position and location of stairs if visible from the family room or living room, or even often a gathering place for families? Lighting and maintenance habits should also be considered. The most important requirement of the park under stair do need all the sunlight.

But it must be understood how big a role the sun for the plants selected for planting as the plant under the stairs. If the location of the stairs in the building, then choose indoor plants need sunlight is not so much. Resistant to low humidity, air circulation is relatively small and should also be able to adjust to the room air conditioning. Resilience in the room for at least 2 weeks

Tuesday, February 26th 2019. | Garden, Home Decor, Interior