25 Corner Sink ideas in the Kitchen

The applications of sink especially corner sink in the kitchen – the perfect solution for every kitchen is very suitable to maintain effective application of every kitchen utensils there. By placing sink in the corner of the space you can safe more space to make cooking area. Besides by centering the sink as the cleaning purpose in the corner of the space, you can make the cleaning session easier. Below are some sink applications which is placed in the corner side of kitchen.

The first kitchen which will be shown is the kitchen in Dallas Uptown Residence. It seems that the kitchen applies contemporary theme in the space. This room has some wooden drawers below granite surface of kitchen side table. These drawers has silver stainless handle with silver color. In the corner of this sectional kitchen table there is Corner sink kitchen layout. Mostly furniture there is made from stainless steel. The sink itself and some faucets there are made from silver metallic material. This silver material used is very suitable with the backsplash which has cream color.

The second kitchen is placed inside Lake Country Builders Residence and designed by Lake Country architectures themselves. The room is covered mostly by white colored furnishing. In the middle of the kitchen is made from white colored concrete. This island has black granite surface. In every sides of the kitchen there are some white wooden shelves with silver stainless handle. Also, in the sectional corner of this space there is simple silver stainless sink. This sink has leveled faucets in the corner which are also made from stainless steel. The combination of silver and white color in this room is really compatible and made the room seems brighter.

In the last picture we can see restyled home project by Adi Tatarko. This room is using white color in almost all of its furnishing except the kitchen island. The kitchen island is made from brown colored wooden material in its entire surface. In the corner of the room there is corner sink beautified by raised shelf above. This silver sink has silver curvy faucet made from metallic material. The corner sink kitchen design there is really depicts modern theme brought by the room.

Saturday, March 2nd 2019. | Kitchen