Cots for babies : Types, Safety, Function

Baby nursery contains all sorts of different furniture items. It differs because of the specific function. Therefore, this room also owns several types of the furniture sets. At this time, I choose to discuss the baby cots. Here, I look it from the safety, type, and the function. Well, I begin from this baby boy nursery with zebra pattern wallpaper. This article shows black white cots under window. Further, it has high side rail and thick mattress.

By the way, that design is simple and elegant. Of course, it has good safety in which your baby never falls down. Then, this furniture is appropriate for baby in 0 until 6 month. Certainly, they have not been able to sit or stand. In the other hand, you can leave for a while without worry when you have another activity. Next, there is orange railing cot with white bed valance. This catchy furniture has long low chevron mattress.

As you know, it has high railing wraparound so that it suits for toddler. It implies the lever is higher than the first bed. Baby can stand safely and learn to walk here. The third is dark long wooden cot with nautical theme bedding sets. Seemly, the function is similar to the first level. Even though, the side rail is shorter again and you must give much care for your baby. It is better you don’t leave your baby during their sleeping.

Cute canopy cot is aimed for baby girl’s room. This gorgeous bed applies pink plaid canopy and rabbit pattern on the frame. Plaid style looms on the bedding sets too which mix the beige bed valance. Surely, it will save your daughter both when she sleeps and when she wakes up. Here, it mixed the geometric tile pattern area rug and the other luxury baby nursery sets. Okay, I have explained clearly about the several baby cots according the third aspects. Therefore, take the exact cot right now.

Friday, February 15th 2019. | Furniture