Fabulous Cozy Residence in Modern Style

When you want to make your residence feels cozy and comfortable for you and your family, you can do some tricks and tips. And today, we will show you a great cozy residence design that encompasses the cozy atmosphere with the choice of comfortable pieces in warm earthy tone as seen on the Casa Lomas Altas, a project designed by López Duplan Arquitectos. Not only playing with the color for the interior, this residence also successfully uses the proper lighting that will illuminate the room to appear warm and really inviting.

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Related to this situation, the secret to the heartwarming looks for this fascinating cozy residence located in New Mexico and the indirect lighting exposing beautiful golden glows. The lighting are installed in every space and look nearly hidden, which will make your room’s lighting dimmed in such a beautiful way, especially during the evening and night times. You can also see the choice of warm earthy tone and rich wood accent for the furniture placed in each room.

Look at this cozy and comfortable family room that adds the earthy tone accent within the white space. You can see how inviting and comfortable the light brown sofas look. Yet, this space equips more seating option, making this room is really perfect for a big family as well. You can see the bright orange accent on the chairs as well. And do not forget about the hint of bold red on the beautiful carpeting with the same earthy nuance as to emphasize the coziness within this space. Decorating the white walls, you can see various artworks in various tones as to add the pop of colors within this modern room.

Moving to the formal dining space, the fascinating cozy residence design for this room features the transparent glass details that will make this room appears brighter and airy during the day. The fresh green tinge seen through the glass definitely will enhance the atmosphere. The dining set is coming in dark wooden tone with sleek and modern design. The lighting within this space features the modern pendant lighting that is used as the center for the dining set arrangement, thus resulting in the spacious look for this dining room.

Reference: trendir.com

Sunday, March 3rd 2019. | Home Design