Creating simple Hanging Shelves

Do you like making accessories? Use your creativity to fill your leisure time. Indeed, spare time is suitable for relax or hang out. Even though, you become lazy and static in which it emerges jetlag. It is better you keep your work mood in the right way. You can create something unique for the beauty of the house. Make workshop as the unique storage and also the wall decor. Do like these following simple workshop designs.

It is blue paper stationery holder for the wall. This attractive decor has many small spaces for the sunglass, pen, scissor, and the rest. Obvious, to make it is not difficult and also fast. You quite design the paper become triangle shape space. Further arrange it on the wall according to your desire. Secondly, I have geometric wall workshop from wood and acrylic. Those wall shelves hang in rectangle, square, and hexagon. Further, they take black and white with little bit bright color.

Next, I want to share the step to make railing wall workshop. Here, I have some white pallet woods. Afterward, I make small hole in the edge for the white rope. Certainly, the rope is functioned to connecting one wood to other. By the way, this item appears mini tiered shelves. Fourth, you can follow this cute landscape design wall shelf for kids. Earlier, you must own wide light brown wood and cut it into two in large size.

One of them is designed like mountain and another is let plain. Then, attach the decorative wood with the pallet. Afterward, hang it on the wall with triangle shaped suspender from the same wood and cleats. Of course, your kids like it although you not add color or other finishing. It only hangs with displays and framed painting. So, use your free time for something usual.

Thursday, March 21st 2019. | Home Decor