Creative Bedrooms with Chalkboards

Many of us will probably raise our eyebrows when hearing about a bedroom with chalkboard. Well, this seems weird but we have to admit that this is one of the latest bedroom trends. The idea of putting a chalkboard inside of bedroom will give us sense of creativity and arts. The main concept of this bedroom interior design is to put a chalkboard or two that we can use for drawing nice things to embellish the decoration. If you are curious about it, you can proceed to our picture collection about creative bedroom with chalkboard designs. Here they are!

The Blend of Chalkboards and Bedrooms

We will start with this cute little bedroom from a small apartment. In this bedroom, the interior defines itself with modern decoration and stylish furnishings. From the outlook of it, this apartment bedroom already shows artistic attributes. The white wall on the left side is filled with various artistic artworks. The owner put together some typographic artworks and paintings to make the bedroom wall looks alive and artsy. In addition, the colorful rainbow chair in the corner also enhances the bedroom embellishment. The chalkboard is put very well in another wall. This big black chalkboard is drawn with unique drawings that follow the aesthetics of the decoration. What a creative apartment bedroom!

We take you to a pretty kid’s bedroom in the image below. The black and white idea makes the interior feels artistic and elegant. In the center, the white kid’s bed looks appealing with the contrastive black leather headboard. The wall behind the bed also looks cool with the full print wallpaper. The most interesting part of this kid’s bedroom is the chalkboard wall in the far end. The wall is covered with black chalkboard. It makes the kids easier to express their creativity by drawing on the wall. Also, it also becomes a media for the kids to décor their bedroom with their own style. Overall, the chalkboard really makes this bedroom looks so creative and fun.

This one is also a great example of a bedroom with chalkboard. The black chalkboard wall is combined very nicely with the red painted wall. In addition, the blackboard wall offers a large medium to draw various things to embellish the casual bedroom decoration. Although it is an adult bedroom, it still looks great with the presence of the bedroom chalkboard wall. So, if you want to add creativity and artistic value, you could consider putting a chalkboard or two.

Sunday, February 3rd 2019. | Bedroom