Creative mantel Area Design for Chic Outlook

Although the winter has already end, it doesn’t mean that you will replace the fireplace right away. You know that spring is still as cold as winter because the snow hasn’t perfectly melted. Therefore, to maintain the furnace inside the room is a wise idea.

in addition, you are even suggested to give the best decoration to balance the beautiful spring. Not only that colorful floral stuff, but you can make it adorable with some elegant and classy idea as well. Below are some tips for you to spruce the mantel area, so your fireplace will appear chic and attractive in the same time!

Rustic Industrial to Modern Style

A range of styles is ready to accompany your project, and every single one is always ready to color the fireplace. You know that style comes from the very past in that traditional one running to rustic and then industrial, modern, up to the contemporary urban appeal. So many designs are gorgeous to fill the vibe with uniqueness and temptation. So, don’t miss your time, and go to touch the mantel!

You know the charm of rustic industrial will never die even though it is attacked with the herd of modernity. It has special element that makes your eyes move to nowhere. Maybe it is calm and memorable, so everytime you look at the design, it always reminds you to some best moment in your life. Gray brick with Woodstock aside is either compact and beautiful placement. The log is not that troublesome thing, it creates pattern and texture to the mantel area instead!

After the rustic one, you may miss the industrial feeling. To get it in your bedroom, you have to cover the mantel with reddish brick from the floor to ceiling, so it appears magically big and firm standing to be ready warming you at anytime. A family picture stacked on the mantel is a classic idea, but it is best to bring your affection many where.

Meanwhile, in your white Scandinavian interior design, why don’t you try to have concrete navy blue fireplace mantel? It is classy and gorgeous color, which will pop your plain and calming indoor nuance. if you feel it too cold to sit still on the sofa in the spring and winter, then the mounted stuff in the navy hue will warm the atmosphere with both fire and outlook. It is so fascinating and stylish, so there is no regret to replace the old one with this design!

Monday, May 6th 2019. | Interior