38 Curtains for the living room or hall : examples of modern design

Many people believed that someone is created to be having a spouse. Is that only for love story? I do not think so. How about for your living room design. Have you ever thought that curtain is the spouse of window? Will they be good mate? Read this article to find the facts.

Let’s we start with simple-beautiful curtain design for simple living room design, just like in the first picture. Applying curtain with no pattern is also cool. It shows the simplicity yet elegant. It also aims to beautify the entire space. In other hand, that setting can be used as accentuate the minimalist way of design and also to neutralize the tone inside the room.

In the second one, we are going to meet with curtain application that is matched with the window and door application for living room. It is not the false because it is so beautiful anyway and it will make your more privacy inside your room. The mixing between black and white colors by some floral motifs is the best way ever in your door curtain design. To make it looks nicer, give a little rob to make you easy in handling your curtain application. Semi-plastically cloth stuff is nice applied as the material for your cute door curtain design.

Bringing luxurious idea for your curtain design is possible to complete the modern living room design. As the third picture shows, you can choose green-colored curtain design with some floral motifs over there. Doing more in your luxurious curtain design with set multi-layer curtain application is very good idea. For the length, make it as long as your window design. Since it is a luxurious style, hanging lamp design to shine up your beautiful curtain idea in the night is not the bad idea. In the other hand, it will changes into like the theater stage from the far side
Everything can be possible in this modern time. If you still think that curtain is only an complement for the door or window, rethink it. Your living room even will much more greater with curtain inside!

Monday, April 22nd 2019. | Living Room