Replace Your Dim Dorm Room with Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Cute dorm room ideas are variety depend on the dorm room owners. Most dorm rooms have dim and dull accent on the entire part of room. As new comer in this dull dorm room, you certainly should decorate it to be more attractive, colorful, and cheerful so that new spirit will come after you. There are many simple but creative ways to decor your dorm room. The following are several creative ideas to exchange the dull room into the cutest dorm room.

Cute Dorm Room Ideas Tips

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Well, most dorm rooms have dim and dull accent on the entire part of room. What should you do is applying the cute dorm room ideas to make it brighter and attractive. When you firstly came into the old dorm room, you will find that it is covered in plain white color on the wall and usual furniture in it. Let’s try these simple decoration tips below. Apply postcard mural to replace expensive mural or wallpaper as the wall decor idea. You can choose scenery, canvas look, cartoon, or floral postcard to decor the dorm room wall. Don’t forget to work together with your roommate.

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Choose throw pillows instead of choosing the common pillow. Kinds of throw pillow come in various color and can be attractive in style and motif. Decor the windows using the bead curtain or suction cup curtain to beautify the window spot. Replace the old curtain with trendy sheer curtain with various color options. Lamp is essential to give health illumination both day and night. There are various kinds of lamp, but for scholar sense kind of desk lamp will work better on the desk. Map and globe decoration to add the scholar sense are also attractive to apply especially mounted wall map or globe decoration. Custom drawer pulls will give unique and cheerful sense on the old closet in the cute dorm room ideas.

The creative remodel design in this dorm room is clearly displayed to compare with the old version. Two single beds are arranged on two wall side facing each other. The same design of bed sheets and blanket color make this dorm room looks harmony. Colorful sheer curtain is installed for the window treatment on the middle wall. Simple study desk and its chair located in aslant position to face the two beds next to the window. A textured colorful rectangular rug is arranged in aslant complete the cute dorm room ideas in this cheerful room.

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