15 Tips To Add Decorative Accents To Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the place where the whole family congregates to savor the delicious dishes churned out by you and also enjoy some quality time with family. As such, the place needs to look good and inviting. A charming kitchen can alter your mood when you enter it after a hard day’s work at the office. Wouldn’t you want it to appear fresh and energetic all the time? If yes, you must do a makeover by adding various accents to make it glamorous. Do take a look at this post that will list the top 15 tips that would help you make decorative accents for the kitchen.

1. Add colorful accents to the upper kitchen cabinets

gray kitchen with yellow accents with decoration kitchen accents

Upper kitchen cabinets can be made to look charming by decorating them with colorful accents as one can see in the image where the designer has used green and yellow colors to brighten up the whole cabinet. One must not ignore the upper cabinet area as it is this place that can add a distinct personality to your eating area if decorated well. The closed cabinet looks wonderful as there is provision for ambient lighting that spruces up the appeal.

2. Use yellow decorative accents all throughout the kitchen area

Gosia Design yellow decorative accents for the kitchen

Kitchens as this one in the image can be transformed in looks instantly by adding yellow decorative items here and there. Seen below is a white modern kitchen that seems to come alive when decorated with a vase filled with yellow flowers, some ornamental bottles and other items that bring freshness and make the kitchen look appealing.

3. Use effective lighting to liven up your kitchen

Gosia Design kitchen with proper lighting

A kitchen with proper lighting can change the very look and transform your mood too! Lighting plays an important part when decorating your kitchen area. Seen below is a well lit kitchen where the designer has fitted pendant light fixtures over the island area and all throughout that makes the kitchen appear bright and fresh.

4. Paint your kitchen bright with white

Gosia Design Paint kitchen bright with white

A fresh coat of paint can add a whole new look to an old kitchen. White is probably the most favored color when we think of painting our homes as this is one color that suits all decors and brings a total makeover to any place. The kitchen below looks a dreamy place with bright white painted walls. To add a charming contrast, the owner has decorated the kitchen with yellow accented pieces like flowers and wall art.

5. Decorate your kitchen with neutral colors

For an old world kitchen as this one in the image, it is best if you can design it with neutral colors to add warmth and coziness to the decor. The kitchen looks traditional with brown under cabinets and light patterned back splash that look good. The roof and the walls of the open cabinets above the work area are painted with cream white that lends a surreal touch to the decor.

6. Go monochrome to add glamor

Gosia Design black kitchen cabinets black kitchens

A monochrome designed kitchen allows one to make changes easily and accessorize it with similarly styled furniture and other stuff. The purple and grey color palette chosen for this kitchen works wonders to create an intimate space for friends and family. Monochrome colors look subtle and do not overwhelm you. It adds personality and character to a space.

7. Spruce up your kitchen with bright rugs

Another way one can decorate his or her kitchen is to anchor it with bright colored rugs or carpets that add liveliness and warmth. The kitchen in the image appears inviting with a bright red pattered Asian styled rug and matching wooden cupboard and cabinets. The Asian styled kitchen looks very stylish with traditional elements that make it appear welcoming.

8. Match accessories with other fittings inside a kitchen

You can match accessories together to have a uniform look throughout the kitchen such as the one seen in the picture where brown accents have been used to decorate the space. The floor is decorated with brown rugs that match with the wooden cabinets and this makes the kitchen appear very uniform and warm.

9. Add red accents to brighten up the interior

Gosia Design red accents to brighten up the kitchen interior

Red can cheer up an area and add oomph in copious amounts. In the kitchen below, the whole decor is themed red and looks very bright and warm. Right from the wooden door, walls to the couch, everything is in red that livens up your spirits. The compact breakfast nook attached inside too is styled with red color scheme, lending attractiveness to the whole kitchen.

10. Style your kitchen with blinds with bright accents

Blinds can play a vital role in adding a new and brighter look to any kitchen. In the image is a colorful Roman blind imprinted with bright green and red leaves that add a distinct charm to the whole area. The blind allows fresh air and light to enter and at the same time can be used easily to unfold. Kitchens must have light blinds and curtains that are easily washable such as this one.

11. Lend an organized look to your kitchen by using shelves

If you have lot of space above your island or work table, you can add shelves in colorful patterns or single toned colors to provide for a better organized look for your kitchen. Your shelves can become a stylish place to showcase your decorative pots and pans, plus also offer storage for keeping bottles filled with lentils and spices. The grey shelves seen here are used to lend style. These can be your ‘special vignette’ area to lift up spirits!

12. Chalk up to create a fun look for your kitchen

Gosia Design Chalk up to create a fun look for your kitchen

Chalk is not just an accessory used in schools. It can be used to add fun and humor to your kitchen as well. In the image is seen a kitchen where a blackboard styled wall has been printed with various alphabets. This blackboard serves as a learning tool and at the same time is used as a decorative accessory to liven up the spirits. The kitchen seems more like a play area where kids can eat as well as learn.

13. Decorate your kitchen with contemporary art with various bright accents

The light green accents on the kitchen cabinets and cupboard lend a very soft touch to the look and its beauty seems to rise up in magnitude with the cool contemporary art hung on the wall. The pink and yellow accents blend well with the light green tones and the grey shades present on the floor and the dining area. Paintings can really spruce up any area, and why shouldn’t your kitchen too boast of one?

14. Use striking and bold accents to create a wonderful look

Sapphire blue kitchens are loved for their eclectic feel. The kitchen here seems to blend with nature as its cabinets seem to project themselves like nature’s canvas, filled with a deep blue sky and twinkling stars. The cabinetry is graphical that enhances the look of the kitchen. Matching with the eclectic blue on the cabinets are lower drawers that are designed with deep blue. This eclectic accent offers a good contrast to the white walls and flooring.

15. Use fresh flowers to accentuate the look of your kitchen

Gosia Design Kitchen counter styling roses

Flowers, specially fresh ones add a distinct accent to your kitchen, lending it a pleasant feel. One can fill up a glass jar or vase with fresh blooms of lily or lavender as per their liking. Apart from spreading fragrance, flowers also spread joy and color. The kitchen in the image looks vibrant because of pink flower buds arranged in a transparent glass vase.

One can style their kitchens as per their liking. There are a myriad of accents and hues one can choose and utilize it wisely on cupboards, cabinets, upper cabinets, floor and whole lot of other spaces that comprise a kitchen. The above tips would definitely help you renovate your kitchen and help it look much more stylish and glamorous than before. From adding floral arrangements, hanging paintings to using modern chalk work, there are hundreds of ways to decorate a kitchen space. Look at the pictures posted here and you will see how mesmerizing a kitchen can appear with simple tips easy to be followed by all.

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