56 Design Loggia ideas : Ways to Organize the Bonus Room

Narrow design loggia is for fresh balcony garden. It has large glass window to avoid the air pollution. Yet, sunlight is keep able to approach the plantation. Rectangular white adjustable table holds small potted plants. It stands aside the white pallet-folding chair. Cyan glass-door cabinet looms in the edge of the space. Seemly, it loads several plants in pot too. Okay, this space is soothing and bright. Fantastic design loggia is l shaped balcony deck.

Home design idea is incomplete without extra space. What are you thinking about it? Get the best loggia design as the exciting way to organize it. Rustic design loggia happens in small grey balcony. It is used as the barn outdoor dining nook. There is wooden bench under grey window. It mixes the lacquer folding chairs and adjustable wooden table. Over the furniture sets are sparkling string lights. Well, it connects the interior design to outside view.

It links to the captivating master bedroom. Unique white rattan chair puts there. It faces off the nature. As though, this place is unlimited. Substantively, there is translucent panel of frame less glass banister. Vintage shady design loggia is safe with Mediterranean concrete fence. Indeed, the shape is specific and it has rustic skyscraper sight. There are two large black succulent planters. It flanks the catchy brown braided area rug and trendy stripped lounge chair.

This relaxed seat adds orange pillow. Meanwhile, the rug presents stunning huge candle light. Adorable loft design loggia has tiled texture pallet floor. It props black metal Moroccan lanterns. Along with barrel stool and flower bouquet, it faces off the antique wooden padded bench. Behind of it is a white concrete succulent planter that demonstrates the cute potted plants on shelf. This small spot has black metal fence and glass exterior door. Yeah, effortless design loggia creates beautiful bonus rooms. Great!

Sunday, April 14th 2019. | Home Design
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