18 Cool Dressing Room Design and Decor Ideas

Humble Rustic Dressing Room Decoration for the Right Fashion Style Naturally

Where you put the dressing room? Certainly, the choice is merely two in bathroom or bedroom. If it is not in both spaces, people have prepared current space at home. Nowadays, I don’t mind the location of the closet. I only want to give you know the right decoration of the room. So, can I begin the discussion? Okay, it is the rustic dresser room after the sitting area. This sloping ceiling space has unique charcoal built-in closet. The hidden storage is decorated with modular shaped Venetian blind door. Further, it faces off the mesmerizing simple closet island. By the way, this space gives comfort to choose the right dress naturally.

Secondly, there is long narrow dressing room in art eclectic style. The brow brick stone room is enhanced with dark glass closet and the interior door. Obvious, this natty space adds three displays on both different walls. There is large vertical framed mirror, soft white curtains, and the masculine printed pattern painting. Next, I bring the shabby chic dresser room. In fact, it applies white curtains as the door and the room divider. Such as you know, the creamy tone space has black framed French patio door. It gives the nice lighting for the daytime. Then, the room is decorated with massive white cloth rack.

Everything is Comfy with Simple Rustic Sense

Seemly, the theme of the dresser room today is about simplicity. Nonetheless, you keep find the uniqueness in each example. Even, it is proven by the fourth design that is eccentric. The fabulous dresser room is the part of the wall divider. Behind the unfinished wood cloth rack is another interior decor. Then, this cloth storage is completed with white curtain doors. Fifth, it is the charming trendy custom idea in bathroom. The huge light brown unfinished wood closet integrates to the chic vanity sets. Here, it faces off the stunning freestanding tub, which has glass panel and metal caddy.

Hereinafter, I have Gothic dressing room with eclectic sitting area. As you know, this dark space presents the huge black carved wood wardrobe. Then, it mixes the cute mid-century chair and table under the chandelier. How this interior decor blends to the dining area? Furthermore, I show the special warm room in the cool wood retreat. This large space is sleek and sweet. It has tall wooden cloth storage with end unit and the blurred glass door. In the other hand, the room is decorated with gorgeous window treatment and the candle light mirror. Now, specify your choice!

Friday, May 3rd 2019. | Home Decor, Interior