19 Dressing Room ideas in the Bedroom

Dressing room would be a nice idea that you can get for bedroom design. By having a walk-in closet, it would be easier for you to manage the clothes and some collection that you have. There are a lot of walk-in closet designs that you can try. It would be a big help for those that have a lot of clothes collection.

This walk-in closet seems to be a simple design which has a messy look. The white palette on it would make this small walk-in closet looks bigger. The black round bar for hanging some clothes would be a nice choice for this space. The wooden flooring in this space would also be a good choice for it.

Then, there is also a fancy dressing room for woman. The white palette with a lot of storage on it would be a great choice for a dressing room design. This walk-in closet has a classy and cute look on it. The simple storage design on the door would maximize the space inside it.

There is also a narrow dressing room, which would be a good choice for a small bedroom design. The blue scheme for the wall paint would be a good choice. Yet, it has a white storage that would be a nice choice for the design. Moreover, the storage also provide enough space for a lot of things. The black flooring on it would be an impressive choice too.

A dressing room would be a really good idea that you need in the bedroom. By having it, you can get a really useful space to keep your clothes and some collection that you have. There are a lot of designs that you can try for this kind of room. Thus, you can get a useful and stylish looking room to keep your clothes and some collection.

Dressing area for Bedroom

Dress up and go to the party! Joining a party is a moment where you should be well dressed. It is just not good to show your casual side in an event that requires make up and heels! So, aside of professional salon that will make over your appearance, you also need a cool space in the bedroom that is best to dress up. Not the wide one, because small space makes no matter if you have creative dressing room like following pictures!

It is not a special made space for dressing room, but it offers deep dignity to dress up in the space. Spending the wall to stick the wardrobe, this idea suits you with small bedroom to work out. Some racks for accessories and shoes or bag are sorted on the upper side while the beneath area is useful to hang the clothes. With some drawers painted in purple, you sure have a perfect design ever to elevate your outfit! Another design brings luxurious model bathed with glorious sparkling accessories, and it fits your glamour taste. right on the classical chaise added, you are even allowed to relax focusing on which dress that you are going to wear!

In addition, if you are living in a home with loft bedroom, then spending the waste space of the shortest sloping ceiling for the dressing room is best. It creates texture from the lowest to the highest that is applied to the racks. Dropped beneath the skylight, there is no worry of finding the cloth stained with fungus. Slipping yellow accent to the dressing room is one way to distract awesome look. Don’t forget to have seating even just a pouf in the room because selection is not that simple and it needs time! A large dressing room with small door leading to balcony may become the best design ever offering nuance as well. Do you want to have it?

Tuesday, February 12th 2019. | Bedroom