18 Dressing Table Design for Girl

Girls sometimes complicated in facing something. It makes them have so many options and style even in a simple thing. Here the simple thing will get the girly touch to beautify your dressing table design for your room use.


Let’s enter the first room and we will attract with how the simple table design looks so complete only with one color dressing table concept. Since it is for the girl bedroom, soft-girly color application is the best way ever. Place some of your girlish souvenir above your table design and let it be the beautiful decoration for your table design.

Your luxurious girl bedroom design looks so perfect with colorful dressing table design that is basically used medium wooden table. Polka dot dress motif is the first way of how your dressing table concept looks so luxurious. The exclusive table lamp with white LED lamp looks so beautiful as your table lighting solution. In the left side of your table, let some space to build a glass cabinet and use it to display your doll connections. Sure it is gonna look so cute over the luxurious table design. In the floor, pink rug application looks so match to be with you, girl.

If you want to look so classical, it can start with your gray wooden table with the blue dressing table concept. The combination with white living on your table dress will bring girly nuance to your bedroom. The doll collection display on the top side of your table is the next idea that is well-applied. For the chair, big modern sofa design with canvas cover will bring the relaxing nuance when you sit there and have a time on your table design.

When it ends, your girly desire is not only expressing by the bedroom design but also in the detail of how your table builds.

Saturday, April 20th 2019. | Furniture