Duplex Plasterboard Ceilings Mount Technology

All this time, we have known about tray ceiling for home design. In the other hand, people name it as duplex ceiling in which the material takes plasterboard. Even though, some people still confuse about how to apply the mount ceiling design. Nowadays, there are many ceiling design ideas from plain style until uncategorized. Even though, duplex plasterboard ceiling is the most favorite because of the styles. It gives fabulous outlook for the interior design and also the installation is faster.

Firstly, you should know the concept of the design with draw it. Secondly, prepare the tools such as sharp knife. Don’t forget to choose the best the plasterboard and hollow iron. By the way, this metal material is functioned to hold the second ceiling in which you cannot see it. Usually, you only know the ceiling has decoration from the chandelier and recessed lamps. Okay, I have provided some examples of duplex ceiling designs below as your reference.

Here, I present white cubical duplex plasterboard ceiling over excellent living room. It is only decorated with small recessed lamps and modern corner chandelier. This square ceiling outlook faces off the trendy living room sets furniture. Next, I have long narrow duplex ceiling with splendid lighting ideas. The upper white board is adorned with soft LED lighting. Meanwhile, the underneath has glow overhead lamps. In cool hallway décor, it mixes the art nouveau wall and stunning console table.

Further, there is futuristic duplex ceiling design for the sublime kitchen. Aside white recessed lamps; it is beautified with fancy pendant lights. Well, this chic neutral plaster is combined with snazzy chocolate wall and remarkable stainless steel kitchen sets. Here, you have the luxurious interior design with beach view. Certainly, the most instrumental item is the ceiling design. Now, leave the usual style and move to the fancy duplex plasterboard ceiling ideas which as high technology installation.

Sunday, April 21st 2019. | Apartment