Casa Mar Azul eco friendly forest house

Have you ever thought to exile in this eco friendly forest house? There are no people and community around. Nevertheless, you will feel the truly peaceful nuance. Maybe, the wild animals and the lush tress only accompany you. Well, that is my joke because you are safe living in this house. Okay, the name is Casa Mar Azul as the tropical forest vacation in Retalhuleu, Guatemala. In fact, this modest retreat becomes the best dugout during your holiday.

This retreat is small and brings three important aspects. It shows the environmentally, economically, and also functionally at once. Now, let’s discover the attractive sense of the house! Simple façade house is decorated with trees which grow among the brown wooden deck. Naturally, they shade the house and give cozy outdoor space for relax. The façade design just adds sturdy stoop from the same deck material. It starts to show the stylish glass wall with black frame.

Opposite to the façade outlook, the backyard is simple again. It has shabby chic wall from the charcoal pallet. Nonetheless, this space is decorated with high glass rear door. Alongside that, there is narrow long window in the midst of the wall. Seemly, the window continues until the side wall with the same design. Okay, I will begin to enter the house by slide the glass door. Directly, you meet with contemporary wall fireplace and the living area.

Further, there are long wooden bench and black sofa here. Seemly, the bench is aimed as the mudroom seating. As you know, in front of the sofa is ergonomic dining room sets. It applies long wooden table and also benches. Certainly, you will eat and relax with soothing backyard view. Afterward, the long kitchen puts behind the mudroom bench or in the corner of the dining area. Overall, this retreat gives warmth from the wooden material and also lighting.

Saturday, March 30th 2019. | Home Design