Elegant House near Moscow Combined Modern inside and Natural Outside

Russia, one of the exotic countries in Europe, designs the exotic House near Moscow last time ago. This home located near Moscow, Russia. The architect, Olga Freiman, designs this home with elegant and stylish touches.

Beside that’s advances, this house also grant the wooden floors and walls. It makes the warm familiarity sense become alive in this stunning home. This home has fresh environment in the green forest. Let’s see this home closely.

Awesome Natural Environment House near Moscow

I have some picture I have token a month ago. Most part of this home is covered by glass wall. The architect want the occupant of this house feels like stay in real wild forest. The Modern House near Moscow has something like deck in the usual house that stand in backyard.

The deck, floating deck, in the same line by the house, is detached by centimeters from the ground. It is intended to avoid the unwanted wild animal from the forest entered the house. Beside the deck, there is bedroom with lounge and sofa. You can use it to get relax and read some books. Continued to explore this home, I find the luxury modern kitchen design. Natural wood kitchen cabinet and island beautifully covered by marble counter top. Not far from it, elegant dining set stand with unique top glass table. Right above it there is luxury crystal chandelier that makes romantic sense in the dining.

Modern House near Moscow Interior Decoration

The special spot of the House near Moscow interior is in the indoor swimming pool. In there a clean blue pool wide below the floating staircase. The pool is just five stairs down beside the bedroom. The amazing pendant is hanging above the pool. Right beside the pool, there is small living space with grey tile floor. The unusual fireplace hooks with its wood. There is also small rattan chair and table.

Walk into the bathroom, I find unique twin washbasin made by marble. In this house, I find many fireplaces disperse in the entire home interior. Two other fireplaces are stand in the bedroom and main living space. Overall, this home offers the rare things that difficult to find in industrial countries in Europe. The House near Moscow natural outside gives this house difference with the other modern home.

picture credit/via homedsgn.com

Monday, February 25th 2019. | Home Design