20 Energy Saving Home Designs ideas

A home, which is featured with energy saving elements, would be more efficient and savvy. It also provides a friendly living space that the family would enjoy. In order to help you making energy saving home design, let us present to you these following photos.

Look at this fabulous two story house. This house represents contemporary facade design with a lot of glasses and metal structures In addition two sliding glass windows have the same size with the glass windows. The presence of massive glasses helps to bring natural light during daytime. It means the house will use less energy during the afternoon. Moreover, the interior of this house is complemented with energy saving lighting fixtures such as halogen bulbs, and led lights.

This one is a photo of a small Dutch house. The house comes with astounding exterior paint using classic white paint. The white wooden doorsteps are also in harmony with the white framed windows and the white glass folding door. The black roof shingles are beautifully arranged to define the classic look. The most interesting part of the house is the use of some solar panels. The solar panels are installed on the roof and give much energy to operate the electrical equipment inside the house. Solar panels are one of the best ways to save energy and make more friendly environment.

This is also another cool home design with energy saving feature. The house promotes outstanding window glazing. The glazing is designed to capture as much as light possible during the afternoon. By doing that, the house wouldn’t need to use electric lights which means less energy consumed. Also this house comes with large windows and doors as well. They allow cool air to flow into the room which means no need for turning on the air conditioner.

Friday, March 22nd 2019. | Home Design
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