Exclusive Penthouse with Entertaining Terrace

Living in an exclusive penthouse could be a dream for everybody. This penthouse is a very special penthouse which has an open terrace that looks so awesome. The big space inside the penthouse would make this space becomes so splendid. Moreover, it also has a nice terrace in which you can see the outdoor view alongside with the city view. This penthouse would be the best living space with the big space inside and endearing view from the terrace.

Cozy Indoor Space with Awesome Terrace

The outdoor terrace in this penthouse seems to be a so good place to enjoy the scenery. This wooden outdoor terrace seems to be a nice place to enjoy the outdoor nuance. Some plants on this space would be a really nice choice that you can get. The small furniture set on it would be a great choice that you can get. A river and city view on it would make this space a worth place for sure. This is the perfect place to enjoy an evening.

This penthouse has an open kitchen design, which looks so awesome. The white scheme of the kitchen seems to be a nice choice. The metal countertop of it would make this space looks lavish and endearing. It also has a rectangular table with some red chairs as a dining set. The wooden flooring in this space seems to be a nice choice that you can get as well. It also has a glass frame that would make this space even more entertaining.

It also has a spacious living room that looks so awesome. The living room with a glass frames on it would allow you to see the outdoor scene from it. The wooden flooring in it would make the space even more entertaining. The grey sofa on it seems to be a comfortable seating in this space. The unique coffee table in this space also makes the space even more endearing. It would make the space looks so splendid.

This penthouse seems to be a splendid choice that you can get. This kind of house has all entertainment that you need. The big space inside the house would make it even more comfortable. A minimalist interior design on it makes this space looks special. It also has an outdoor terrace which would be the perfect place for you to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Thus, this house design would be a really good living space for those who want to enjoy the life for more.

Saturday, February 9th 2019. | Home Design